New 2021 John Deere Mowers Will Tame Your Lawn

Are you ready to start mowing your lawn again after winter? Mowing can be seen as a chore or a fun activity based on your equipment, and the new 2021 John Deere Zero-Turn mowers make things exciting. Plus, the 2021 John Deere lawn tractors can help you tackle even more challenges. 

The 2021 John Deer Zero-turn Mowers are here

Are you ready for the smell of fresh-cut grass and the hum of a power mowing engine? Now you can enjoy lawn care without the hassle by using the new 2021 John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers. The Z500 Series and the new Z365R lawn mowers have new performance-enhancing features for comfort, efficiency, and convenience. 

A man using a 2021 John Deere Z365R Zero Turn Mower
2021 John Deere Z365R Zero Turn Mower | John Deere

Caroline Skelton, John Deere Go-To-Market Manager, shared that the 2021 Zero-Turn advancements add to the best-in-class Z300 and Z500 Series’ innovative features.

With the John Deere exclusive engines, you also ger the foldable Roll-Gard rollover protection structure (ROPS), industry-exclusive mulch control, comfortable seating, LED lighting, and commercial-grade features to revolutionize the home mowing experience. 

2021 Z500 Series features 

The 2021 John Deere Z500 Series help those with large lawns mow quickly and efficiently for a great-looking yard with comfort and style. The Z500 series includes the Z515E, Z530M, Z530R, and Z545R Zero-Turn Mower models. 

The lawn mowers have 48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch Accel Deep or High-Capacity mower deck options and foldable ROPS. Plus, the new 22.5-inch automotive-styled seat with ComfortGlide technology provides a smooth ride. 

You can get a Kawasaki or EFI engine on select models. The Z365R has a V-twin John Deere ELS engine with 24-hp. The heavy-duty dual Hydro-Gear transmission provides a maximum speed of 7-mph. 

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Features include a digital fuel gauge, phone charging port, enhanced LED lighting, MulchControl kit, and more. There is a yard tool holder, trash bin, string trimmer mount, footpegs, and a canopy for shade. 

The John Deer two-year/120-hour, four-year/300-hour, or four-year/500-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty provides local dealer support. The mowers can be purchased at, a John Deere dealer, or Lowe’s and Home Depot. Pricing ranges from $3,339 to $6,299. 

New John Deere Lawn Tractors 

The 2021 John Deere lawn tractors have increased power, performance, and comfort. The updates span the 100 Series, 200 Series, X300 Select Series, and X500 Series. Modernized styling provides a sleek new look and a comfortable open backseat. 

Plus, the John Deere Easy Change 30-Second Oil Change System helps owners change their oil by using a cartridge that contains the oil and a new filter. You don’t have to drain messy engine oil. 

Woman using a 2021 John Deere X300 Lawn Tractor
2021 John Deere X300 Lawn Tractor | John Deere

New 42-inch and 48-inch mulch cover and a 54-inch mulch kit are available. The new MowerPlus smartphone app provides fuel level, battery state, and hour information. There is an available deluxe steering wheel with forward and reverse pedals for enhanced maneuverability too. 

There are new toolbox storage covers too. Also, there is a cup holder, under-seat storage, a foot pedal life system, cruise control, and Accel Deep mower decks in multiple sizes. Pricing for these models ranges from $1,699 to $8,299, depending on which model you choose and how much you decide to deck it out.