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The NC Miata is the third-generation model of this iconic roadster. It, unfortunately, doesn’t get a lot of love! The NC still features the legendary handling characteristics that made the Miata famous but adds some modern amenities. Check out these pros and cons to daily driving an NC Miata!

Pro: Roomier than the NA and NB Miatas for drivers and passengers

The black interior of a 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata from the underloved NC Generation
Interior of NC Miata | Mazda

The NC Miata was the first major platform departure for the lineup. It grew substantially in size compared to the previous generations. While many folks see that as a bad thing, the NC’s interior is a lot roomier than its older counterparts.

Couple that with the much more modern interior features, and the daily usability factor goes through the roof compared to the older models.

Con: The NC Miata growth spurt didn’t do much for trunk space

According to U.S. News, the 2010 NC Miata only has 5.3 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s not a substantial upgrade from the 5.1 cubic feet provided by the NB Miata’s trunk despite the overall size growth.

Obviously, taking a sports car out with cargo transport in mind isn’t exactly the best idea. However, the limited cargo space could even become problematic with luggage for two on a cross-country adventure.

Pro: They’re Quite Affordable

A pair of NC Miata twins sitting on a reflective lakebed surface. One red with a soft top and one silver with a hard top.
NC Mazda Miatas | Mazda

While prices of first and second-gen Miatas continue to skyrocket, the lesser-loved NC Miata is looking wildly reasonable when it comes to price.

A quick nationwide search via Autotempest reveals a myriad of NC Miatas for under $15,000 with less than 100,000 miles on them. In addition, higher mileage examples are routinely available for under $10,000.

Con: Stock Suspension sits a little high

Red Mazda NC Miata carving corners on a mountain road displaying its handling capabilities
Mazda NC Miata | Mazda

According to Road and Track, many Miata enthusiasts refer to the NC’s stock ride height as “4×4 height.” The stock suspension, while more than good enough for carving through corners, leaves something to be desired.

Fortunately, as with both the NA and NB Miata, there’s virtually endless aftermarket support for suspension upgrades. Everything from lowering springs to full-blown racing coilover assemblies are readily available.

Pro: Modern safety features and solid crash test rating


The Mazda Miata Isn’t the Affordable-Entry Sports Car It Used to Be

The iconic NA and NB Miata don’t feel inspiring when you’re cruising along, and the thought of a crash crosses your mind. Think of all the heavy SUVs on the roads today. In comparison, they aren’t going to go well.

While the NC Miata isn’t the pinnacle of safety, it does see drastic improvements over the older generations. Stouter roll hoops, more modern airbag technology, and bigger crumple zones landed the NC Miata a four-star crash test rating.

Overall, if you’re shopping for a third-generation Miata, you should not worry about its reliability or safety! They are incredibly fun and underrated cars that make your daily commute a blast!