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Pickup trucks are the essential vehicle for drivers who want a combination of function and drivability. Trucks are great for hauling and towing, but many truck models today are roomy and luxurious, making them just as easily considered a family vehicle as a sedan or SUV. When drivers are shopping for a truck, they must decide whether they need a midsize truck or a full-size truck. While the difference is often minimal and depends on a driver’s primary purpose for the truck, full-size trucks seem to be the most popular, according to current car sales data.

Full-size trucks have had excellent sales in the first quarter compared to midsize models

In the first quarter of 2023, there have been boosts in sales of some of the most popular truck models, both midsize and full-size. For example, according to GM Authority, the sales of full-size truck models have increased by 9%, with the Chevy Silverado seeing the most sales. In contrast, the GMC Sierra has seen the most significant increase in sales for the quarter.

The midsize truck market has also done very well in 2023, with Ford reporting that its Maverick sales have increased across the board, with an 11% increase from 2022. According to Car Figures, the Honda Ridgeline is also selling well in 2023, with more than 12,000 units sold in the first quarter.

Owning a truck is convenient for drivers who need to haul items for work or outside of their jobs. A full-size truck has hauling and towing capacity that you just can’t get from many SUVs and other models. So many drivers buy a full-size model over a midsize for functionality. Still, like many different vehicle models, such as SUVs, there is also the conception that bigger is better. Although many midsize truck models have options for extended cabs and four-door options, having a full-size bed and a full-size cab can turn a workhorse of a truck into a family vehicle.

Many brands also offer the same types of upgrades that you can get any other vehicle model, including luxury interiors, infotainment systems, and a design that provides a comfortable ride. With prices between midsize and full-size trucks being so close, many drivers may choose the more expensive option, leading to high full-size truck sales.

Drivers who don’t need full-size capacity will find midsize options with plenty of perks

The biggest difference in many 2023 truck models is the size and capacity of the vehicle. Aside from that, many midsize trucks have the same benefits you can find in any full-size model. Some of these benefits include multiple trim packages, four-door options, higher-powered engines, and four-wheel drive. The key to choosing between a full and midsize truck often comes down to price.

If you compare base models, midsize trucks from most major brands will be a few thousand dollars less than their full-size models. However, if you are looking for all the bells and whistles on a midsize model, you may sometimes end up paying almost as much as a full-size truck. For many drivers, getting a full-size model over a midsize is more like choosing an upgrade than choosing one model over another.

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