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Having a two-wheel motorcycle can make any trip an adventure, but there are a few downsides. You can’t pack as much, and riding in bad weather can make for a miserable time. But what if you could load your motorcycle on the back of your truck and take it along? Is that even possible?

Trucks make life easier

A motorcycle in the back of a truck bed.
Motorcycle in a truck bed | Getty Images

Although many trucks can be gas guzzlers, there are plenty of reasons to consider owning one. Trucks are trendy at the moment, so it’s an excellent way to impress your friends and family. Many are also off-road capable, so you can head off into the sunset rather than sticking to the main road.

Then there’s the fact that trucks can pull heavy loads such as campers, boats, ATVs, or other goodies. Some truck bed covers even come with locks for those who worry about having their goods stolen. 

Trucks are the vehicle of choice for many people because they are the ideal work tool. This is because you can haul whatever you need and don’t have to worry about laying down seats, opening up windows to create more room, or begging someone else to borrow their truck. This becomes all the more true if you want to haul your motorcycle.

Can a motorcycle fit in a truck bed?

If you’re mourning the fact that you can’t take your beloved motorcycle on your vacation, you don’t have to cry anymore if you have a truck. Load your bike up, and away you go. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that. 

According to Power Sports Guide, there are a few steps to safely load your motorcycle to prevent the truck or your bike from being damaged. Then there’s he importance of doing this safely.

The first step is to measure your truck bed. Next, you’ll measure your bike. This is to see if the bike will fit. Since many trucks limit how much weight they can haul, you need to consider this before loading your bike.

Next, you’ll need to gather your equipment. This will include a ramp, brake level lock, ratchet straps, wheel chock, and handlebar harness. 

Third, you have to remove the tailgate. This will enable you to secure the ramp. You’ll need the straps for this part. Make sure the ramp is secure before you move on to step four.

Next, grab an extra set of hands to help you load the motorcycle. While you may prefer to work alone, it’s better to be safe than end up with a preventable injury. Their Trucks reports that you can place the motorcycle diagonally if you have a short truck bed.

Fifth, use the wheel chock and straps to secure the motorcycle to the bed frame. Then you’re good to go. 

How to make your journey safe and convenient while hauling a motorcycle


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Once you’re on your way, Their Trucks recommends you stop from time to time to check and ensure the bike is still secure. If you go into a store, it’s a good idea to check one more time before you pull out of the parking lot. 

One of the things you need to double-check is how the straps look. No matter how high quality they are, they can snap. This is why it’s always a good idea to have extra straps with you, just in case.

Another trick is to slide a piece of thick wood under the bike. This distributes the weight of the motorcycle, which makes things more convenient all around.

If all else fails, hitch carriers or trailers are options. You can also add on a truck bed extender or use a tailgate net. Once you reach your destination, repeat these steps in reverse, and you’re good to go.