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A man is charged in Arizona for allegedly stealing a semi-truck hauling 10 new C8 Chevrolet Corvettes. Isaiah Walker, 23, of Lawton, Oklahoma, was arrested on more than a dozen charges Feb. 15. The incident occurred when Walker said he had just been released from prison and needed a ride home.

A summary of the incident was reported by the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office on its Facebook page.

The Sheriff’s Office said Walker approached the driver of the Corvette-hauling truck at a truck stop in Wilcox, Arizona. Walker reportedly struck up a conversation with the driver about the Corvettes on the hauler. Walker “lulled the [driver] into a false sense of security,” the post noted. He entered the cab of the truck and “threw [the driver] from the cab.”

“The suspect then entered the vehicle, locked the door, stole the vehicle, and drove it from the parking lot,” the post states.

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The semi began “driving recklessly” and forced other cars off the road before eventually coming to a stop. Walker was then arrested. The Sheriff’s Office post alleges Walker admitted to stealing the truck during his arrest, but not because it was hauling 10 new C8 Corvettes. Walker reportedly said he had just been released from prison and needed the truck to “get home.”

Walker was charged with robbery, 11 counts of theft of means of transportation and felony theft, the post states.

The Sheriff’s Office noted the 10 Corvette sports cars valued at $1.25 million. The semi and Corvettes were not damaged in the incident. The truck was released to the driver who, according to the post, continued his delivery following its alleged theft.

It’s unclear where the batch of new C8’s was headed, but these Corvettes already have some interesting miles under their proverbial belts, even if they weren’t driven in the incident. A photo of the hauler shared by the Sheriff’s Office shows the Corvettes still wrapped in a protective layer for shipment.

“I am extremely proud of the officer and deputy involved in this investigation,” Wilcox Police Department Chief Dale Hadfield said. “The deputy and officer showed great restraint and patience in bringing a serious crime to a peaceful resolution, all while keeping the property of others from being damaged.”