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Hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming the preferred mode of transportation as people become more concerned with buying ecologically friendly cars. As a result, a growing number of companies, such as IKEA, are compelled to adapt to the electrification of the automotive industry by offering charging stations to their clients and/or personnel.

Refueling gas-powered vehicles is a matter of minutes, if not seconds, which begs the question. How long does it take to charge EVs at IKEA stations? Well, the time it takes to charge your electric vehicle depends on the type of vehicle and the level of charger IKEA provides to its clientele.

Charging levels for electric vehicles (EVs)

Electric cars need to be recharged frequently for maximum efficiency. However, charging your EV isn’t as simple as refilling a gas-powered vehicle, as it takes a minimum of 30 minutes or over a day, depending on the level of the charger. NeoCharge outlines three primary levels of EV charging, mainly:

 Level 1, which is the normal household outlet, delivers 120 volts, which can take up to 30 hours to charge your electric car, with plug-in hybrid (PHEV) counterparts taking about 5 to 6 hours to fully charge due to lower amounts of electric range, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Level 2, available for household and commercial use, takes about 4 to 10 hours to fully charge your EV at 240 volts. Lastly, Level 3, which comprises DC Fast Charging capable of delivering 480 volts, is solely for commercial use. Tesla Superchargers are also a version of Level 3, half-charging the Model S in approximately 20 minutes, according to EV Town.

Most businesses with EV charging stations usually have one of two types of stations: Level 2 or Level 3. Level 2 charging stations provide a higher voltage than Level 1, and Level 3 charging stations are industrial-strength chargers that provide even more power. In collaboration with Electrify America, businesses such as IKEA have installed several Level 2 and 3 chargers that are available for use, as outlined on IKEA‘s website. You can also check the charge rate (such as 6.5 kW) vs. the battery capacity of your electric vehicle (such as 64.8 kWh for a Kia Niro EV) to see how long it will take to charge.

How long would it take to charge your EV at IKEA?

Thinking of driving your EV to IKEA on your next furniture shopping trip? Here’s how long it will take to charge your electric car at IKEA. The time it takes to charge your electric vehicle at an IKEA store will depend on the type of EV you’re driving and the amount of time you wish to spend at the store. Before heading out, it’s a good idea to confirm if your local IKEA store has public charging stations. You can do so by using phone apps such as PlugShare Map or the Electrify America app.

While you might spend more time shopping at your local IKEA store, you don’t have to spend more time charging. IKEA has installed ultra-fast chargers at many locations delivering 150 kW to 300 kW, capable of charging your car at incredible speeds. Most EV owners take about 30 minutes to an hour when using these ultra-fast chargers by Electrify America. When you pull up to a charging station, just plug your car in and select the “charge” option on the display. The charging process will start automatically and be completed shortly.

IKEA plans to add more EV chargers to its stores nationwide

An IKEA store parking lot in Burbank, California, with six electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
An IKEA store parking lot | Troy Harvey/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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As electric cars become more popular, charging stations must be available in convenient locations. RetailDive considers IKEA as one of the retailers leading the way with positive adoption of electrification, with plans to add more electric car charging stations at its stores. RetailTouchPoints claims IKEA plans to add 200 individual ultra-fast chargers at its locations in 18 states across the country. Additionally, according to Jerry, IKEA has also partnered with Blink to install 13 EV charging stations at IKEA stores, with more to follow, which is exciting news for EV owners.