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Joey Logano said he no longer knows “how to handle” his ongoing feud with Ty Gibbs after the two drivers again butted heads, and fenders, at the Clash at the Coliseum Feb. 3. Speaking on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s “Morning Drive,” Logano suggested Gibbs has raced him over-aggressively dating back to last season.

Logano said Gibbs’ words “don’t mean nothing to me anymore,” adding he’s “at a loss at this point” on how to approach the young driver.

Logano confronted Gibbs near his hauler following the NASCAR Clash. Videos of the incident show an apparent heated discussion.

Gibbs and Logano lined up 1-2 for a restart with 10 laps remaining. Coming out of turn two, Gibbs ran up the track, pushing Logano near the wall. Logano fell to sixth and took issue with the move, which Gibbs stated was “just hard racing there at the end.” Logano battled back to place fourth. Gibbs finished 18th after suffering an apparent issue and spin several laps after his run-in with Logano.  

Logano’s frustration with Gibbs at the Clash is likely exacerbated by the two drivers’ recent run-ins with one another on track.

2023 Clash at the Coliseum pre-race
2023 Clash at the Coliseum | (James Gilbert) Getty Images

The Team Penske driver said he and Gibbs raced each other “pretty hard last year,” NBC Sports reported. Though the two drivers tried to make amends, Logano said Gibbs continued “completely using me up” on in three races last season.

That led to Logano spinning Gibbs at the Martinsville playoff race last year.

“You can only poke the bear so many times before the bear bites,” Logano said. “I had enough at Martinsville, so I showed him I had enough.”

Gibbs, the 2023 Rookie of the Year, called Logano afterwards. Logano said he respected Gibbs for the call. The two “had a good conversation” and agreed to respect one another on the track.

But the Clash apparently reignited the feud between the drivers. Logano said Gibbs again “completely used me up.” He said he approached Gibbs after the race to inform the younger driver he found his actions unacceptable.

“Now, where do we go from here? I don’t know,” Logano said

The two-time Cup Series champion said he wants to work out the issue between the drivers and avoid a “pissing match.” But he’s “not going to be pushed around.”

“I’m sure [Gibbs is] saying the same thing, he’s not getting pushed around, but he’s doing the pushing right now,” Logano said. “And eventually, you get bit back. It’s how our sport works, it’s self-policing. It’s an eye for an eye. That’s how it works.”

With the grudge apparently carrying over to 2024, the next iteration of Gibbs vs. Logano could come Feb. 18 at the Daytona 500.