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Jeep is hard at work on the only full-frame, full-size plug-in hybrid SUV. The Grand Wagoneer 4xe PHEV may offer enough torque for best-in-class towing when needed, and enough range to act like a battery electric vehicle the rest of the time. This compelling combination could transform the Wagoneer’s market segment forever.

Jeep is targeting 500 miles of total range with the Grand Wagoneer 4xe.

The grille and front of a Grand Wagoneer SUV with an internal combustion engine instead of the upcoming 4xe plug-in hybrid PHEV variant.
2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series II | Stellantis

When Jeep teased the first images of its Wagoneer 4xe, the brand did not tell us much about the upcoming PHEV. It did mention that it is engineering the vehicle to offer 500 miles of combined gasoline and electric range on a single charge/fillup. That in nearing the PHEV with the longest combined range: the 600-mile Toyota RAV4 Prime crossover.

Jeep’s Wrangler and Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid SUVs both offer 20+ miles of electric range when fully charged. But the Grand Wagoneer is a much larger SUV, and could carry a larger and heavier battery pack. There is a chance that Jeep is able to improve on its other 4xe ranges with the Grand Wagoneer.

If the Grand Wagoneer has just 20 miles of all-electric range, that’s enough range to complete 90% of an average driver’s trips without firing up the internal combustion engine.

Jeep’s Wagoneer sub-brand builds full-frame, full-size SUVs

Promo photo of a white Grand Wagoneer SUV facing away from the camera, parked in front of a mountain range.
2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series II | Stellantis

Jeep already makes the world’s only plug-in hybrid full-frame SUV: the Wrangler 4xe. But while the Wrangler is a midsize SUV, the Wagoneer is Stellantis’ truck-based full-size SUV. Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer 4xe is on track to become the world’s only full-size, full-frame plug-in hybrid.

Both Toyota and Ford build full-frame hybrid chassis. But neither the Ford F-150 SuperBoost or the Toyota Tundra/Sequoia i-FORCE MAX offers plug-in hybrid capabilities. The Grand Wagoneer 4xe could not only be the first full-size PHEV SUV, but it could be a preview of a new full-size Ram 1500 PHEV. This could even make the Ram 1500 the world’s first PHEV truck.

The Grand Wagoneer 4xe could share a range extender with the Ram 1500 EV

The blue 4xe badge on the gray fender of a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Jeep full-frame SUV.
2023 Jeep® Wrangler Willys 4xe | Stellantis

When Stellantis first revealed it is targeting a 2024 release for its Ram 1500 EV, it promised a “range electric paradigm breaking” technology. It is likely referring to a gasoline-powered range extender. This would look like a small generator mounted in the bed of the Ram 1500 EV. During a long trip, the driver could fill this extender’s gas tank and the generator could charge the batteries on the move.

BMW offered a gasoline-powered Range extender in its i3 electric vehicle. BMW’s generator was powerful enough to keep up with the vehicle’s power needs: while running, it offered unlimited range.

A future Grand Wagoneer, such as the all-electric Wagoneer S, could feature the range extender technology Stellantis is offering. This could further transform the American SUV market: an all-electric Jeep with unlimited range could offer more torque and better fuel efficiency than even the Wagoneer 4xe.


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