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Ferrari is infamous for blacklisting celebrities and other potential buyers it doesn’t like. And while Ferrari can’t always prevent these folks from buying a used production model, it does ban them from ordering any new special editions.

Who is on the blacklist? Rumor has it that both Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather are in the dog house for “flipping” their Ferraris, or selling them within a year of purchase. Musician DeadMau5 is banned for modifying his Ferrari with an “ugly” wrap. Journalist Chris Harris can’t buy a Ferrari just because he wrote a review the company didn’t like. Rapper 50 Cent is blacklisted for posting a picture of his Ferrari being towed. And the entire Kardashian family is banned because Ferrari doesn’t like how they maintain their cars.

Enter Jay Leno. The standup comedian and retired “Tonight Show” host is the patron saint of collecting unique and classic cars. His nearly 200-car collection is worth well over $100 million and features supercars such as Lamborghinis, McLarens, and Aston Martins as well as many important marques from the history of motorsports, such as Porsche, Bugatti, and Bentley. But Ferrari won’t get a chance to blacklist Leno because he blacklisted them first. Leno has never owned a Ferrari–old or new.

For years, Leno’s lack of Ferraris seemed an odd anomaly. But as he amassed a millions of dollars worth of other race cars and even Italian grand tourers, it became obvious he has no interest in Ferraris. Leno tends to focus on the cars he loves, and finds something to love about a wide array of cars. He never went out of his way to badmouth Ferrari. But a car podcast host finally asked him about Ferrari.

Jason Stein, host of the Cars and Culture podcast asked Leno point-blank about his lack of Ferraris: “You have no Ferraris, why?”

Jay Leno stands by his McLaren P1, in the midst of his car collection.
Jay Leno | Charlie Nucci/Corbis via Getty Images

Leno, always the comedian, riffed on his frustrations with Ferrari customer service. “I just never liked dealing with the dealers. I don’t wanna give a guy 25 grand in an envelope, y’know. I don’t wanna have to buy two Mondials…”

“25 grand in an envelope” is referring to Ferrari salespeople marking up cars when selling to celebrities, such as Leno. And “buy two Mondials” refers to Ferraris rumored rules about how many “entry-level” cars you must “collect” before you can custom order a special edition.

Leno didn’t pull any punches when he summed up the dealership experience: “It’s like rich guys that go to a dominatrix. ‘Oh, she kicked the crap out of me, it was fantastic.’ That’s great, I mean, some guys like that. I don’t.”

What does Leno think about Ferrari’s cars? There’s no love lost there.

“They’re excellent cars. This is not an indictment of the car, it’s just that you’re spending a tremendous amount of money. You should be made to feel like a customer.”

Jay Leno

It’s intriguing that in Jay Leno’s massive classic car collection he doesn’t own any older Ferraris. He may just feel they aren’t a good investment. Or, like many automotive enthusiasts, he may have mixed feelings about Enzo Ferrari himself.

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