Is Toyota’s Promise Inspiring Other Brands?

Toyota continues full steam ahead with release after release of hybrid vehicles. As the hybrid and electric market surges forward pulling the entire auto industry along with it, Toyota plans to stay ahead of the pack. Since the Toyota Prius debuted in 1997, the brand has been at the forefront of the push toward hybrid vehicle technology.

Future Toyota 3-row EV SUV
Future Toyota EV | Toyota

You may have heard that Toyota promised a few years back to be fully electric by 2030. Then a couple of years later the Japanese car company announced that it is ahead of schedule. Now, however, Toyota promises fully electrified versions of every passenger vehicle in its lineup by 2025. Is this electrified momentum inspiring other brands?

Toyota isn’t shy about promoting its hybrid lineup. Twitter posts and cool commercials showing Toyota models like the Highlander or the RAV4 are common for the brand. Now, more car companies may be upping the ante in their own hybrid lineups. In fact, new releases like the 2021 Kia Sorento hybrid could come inspired by Toyota. Are hybrids from other brands an answer to Toyota’s promise?

A white Ford Mustang Lithium is parked in a space next to a public charger.
Mustang Lithium prototype. | Ford Motor Company

The Toyota promise––’Electric Avenue’

In a press release from Toyota title ‘Electric Avenue,’ the company promises electric versions of all of its passenger vehicles by 2025. This is coming up fast. Other companies like Kia and Hyundai are pushing toward more electrification. Even the Chrysler Pacifica now offers both a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Toyota has recently released new generations of its models that are available only as a hybrid.

 a dark blue Chrysler Pacifica hybrid at speed on a scenic road is one example of brands competing in the hybrid segment
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The company is making bold moves with its hybrid lineup, likely gearing up for its promise of an electric future. Even favorites like the Toyota Sienna are being released as new all-hybrid offerings. Due to the fact that Toyota is pushing toward this, other car brands are likely to follow suit.

The Toyota Prius goes way back

Since the release back in the 1990s, the Toyota Prius has shaken up the auto market permanently. In fact, now that hybrid vehicles are becoming a staple for other brands’ lineups Toyota already has tried, true, and tested technology. In short, Toyota will be the last brand that ends up playing catch up when things make the full shift over to a predominately hybrid and electric automobile industry.

Inspiring others

The Toyota promise to offer more hybrid and all electric vehicles will change the market. In fact, it already has. Since the Toyota Prius, hybrids have become a normalized space within the industry. Honda and Toyota battle it out for who has the better hybrid car. Ford has talked about stepping up its hybrid and electric segment––directly aiming comments at Toyota.

2020 Toyota Prius Prime is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show. The model has come a long way since being an industry first in 1997.
The Toyota Prius Prime | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

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It’s obvious that some brands see Toyota as the brand to contend with on the hybrid and electric vehicle front. Sure, there’s always Tesla. But Tesla has always been an electric vehicle manufacturer. Toyota has made huge strides within the gas-powered car industry.

Because Toyota is responsible for producing the first mainstream hybrid car, it’s easy to see how this brand could be influencing others to run the race. By 2025 we should see a full line of electric vehicles from Toyota. It’s going to be interesting to see what other brands bring to the table as well.