Is the Crosstrek Hybrid the Safest and Most Fuel-Efficient Subaru?

The Subaru Crosstrek came out in 2013 as a lifted Impreza wagon. In 2018, it went through a redesign and now uses Subaru’s global platform, and in 2019, Subaru brought back the Crosstrek Hybrid variant, which uses a plug-in hybrid system and is all-wheel drive. With this combination, is the Crosstrek Hybrid the most fuel-efficient and safest Subaru in the lineup?

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid


To get a better look at the fuel economy, let’s see what’s under the hood. The Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid uses a 2.0-liter, flat-four engine that puts out 137 horsepower and 134 lb-ft of torque, which is mated to an electric motor that puts out 118 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque.

Together, they net a combined 148 horsepower. The power goes through a CVT transmission that then routes through the same type of all-wheel-drive system used in the gasoline Crosstrek.

Let’s not forget, this is a plug-in hybrid as well. On electric power only, the Crosstrek Hybrid is capable of achieving 17 miles of battery range out its 8.8-kWh nickel-metal hydride battery. Approximate charge times are five hours from completely dead on a 120-volt charge, and about half that time on a 240-volt charge.

What does that equate to? According to, the 2020 Crosstrek Hybrid is capable of 90 MPGe combined and 35 mpg combined when the battery power runs out. This means that it’s capable of up to 480 miles on a full tank of gas.

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Powertrain


For 2020, the Crosstrek Hybrid comes standard with Subaru’s Eyesight suite of driver-assist features. This includes features like blind-spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert, reverse automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and pre-collision braking.

On top of these technological tricks, the Crosstrek Hybrid utilizes a host of airbags including the driver/passenger dual-stage front, side curtain, rear side curtain, seat-mounted front side pelvis/torso, and driver’s side knee airbags. This cocoon of airbags and driver aid safety, combined with the upgrade structural rigidity netted the Crosstrek Hybrid an IIHS Top Safety Plus pick for 2020.

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Interior

Safest and most efficient?

In comparing the Crosstrek Hybrid to the other four-cylinder vehicle in the lineup, including the Impreza Sport and the BR-Z, as well as its gasoline Crosstrek counterpart, the Hybrid does achieve about a 5 mpg advantage. While it might not sound like much, keep in mind that the plug-in capability and electric drive range can play a huge factor when it comes to the daily drive.

From a safety standpoint, the Crosstrek Hybrid does carry all of the same safety equipment as its stablemates. We like that the Eyesight Safety suite is now standard, which is a relief considering this car does carry a lofty $36,155 price tag. Which is about a $7,750 mark up from the top-trim Crosstrek Limited.

 Would we recommend the Crosstrek Hybrid? From a safety and fuel economy standpoint, yes, as it is the best in the lineup. But is it worth it from a price standpoint? In that case, we would recommend getting one of the gasoline Crosstrek models instead.