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Buying a Toyota Tacoma is common for many Americans. It’s one of the most popular trucks, and vehicles, and for a good reason. However, it’s been a long time since it saw any drastic changes. As we pass the middle of the 2022 calendar year, 2023 model year vehicles are just around the corner. That includes the 2023 Toyota Tacoma. Is the new version of the midsize truck worth waiting for? What’s new in 2023?

Should you wait for a 2023 Toyota Tacoma?

Barcelona Red Metallic 2023 Toyota Tacoma driving up a hill
2023 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

If you’re waiting for a 2023 Toyota Tacoma in hopes of brand new designs and features, stop waiting. None of that is coming, as we’re still not getting a redesign yet. The new Tacoma will be part of the same generation since 2016, with very few noticeable changes. Moreover, if you’re ready to buy a Tacoma, just get the 2022 model year, as not much will be different if you wait.

What’s new with the 2023 Tacoma?

2023 Toyota Tacoma in Electric Lime Paint
2023 Toyota Tacoma in Electric Lime Paint | Toyota

According to Edmunds, the Tacoma is getting one change in 2023. First, a new SX and Chrome appearance package will be available for the SR5 models. That’s it. Nothing else is changing for the new year. If you want to buy the most popular 2022 model, SR5, and change how it looks a little bit, you can. Other than that, the new Tacoma will be exactly the same.

Edmunds says the SX package features black design details and blackout trim. Everything is black, like wheels, mirrors, badging, overfenders, and even a bed graphic. Previously, this package was only available for SR models, but for 2023 buyers can get it on their SR5. Contrarily, the Chrome package makes it shiny. For example, chrome-finished door handles, 18-inch polished alloy wheels, and a chrome tailgate insert are included. However, this one is only offered on the Tacoma SR5 double cab with a five-foot bed and V6 engine.

Is the 2022 Toyota Tacoma worth buying?

Since the 2023 Tacoma isn’t worth waiting for, is it even worth buying the current model year version? Edmunds gave it a 7.7/10 overall, which doesn’t make it the best in its class. Durability and capability are its strengths, along with the reliability Toyota is always known for. Not to mention, the Tacoma is a smooth-driving, surprisingly efficient midsize truck that most owners enjoy driving.

Furthermore, Edmunds recommends buying the TRD Off-Road trim even if you don’t plan to go off-roading. With it comes several amenities not found in lower trims. For example, keyless entry and ignition, heated mirrors, and enhanced off-road capability are outstanding to have. In addition, the cosmetic Trail Edition is worth a look to upgrade the Tacoma aesthetic.

Don’t wait for the new Tacoma

In conclusion, it isn’t worth waiting for the 2023 Toyota Tacoma. Almost nothing about the midsize truck is changing for the new model year. Unfortunately, a few appearance packages have made their way to a new model, but nothing else. We’re still getting the same design and features we’ve had for quite some time. Maybe by the 10-year mark of this generation in 2026, we’ll finally see a brand new Toyota Tacoma.


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