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Pickup truck owners can be loud and proud. The average truck driver can be extremely passionate about their make and model, country, and favorite football team. They may even share political beliefs and how many kids they have with bumper stickers. But before you show up at the tailgate or game, is it actually illegal to fly a flag on your truck? 

Is it illegal to fly flags on pickup trucks? 

A flag mounted to the back of a truck
A flag on the back of a pickup truck | GettyImages

The short answer is no. It’s not illegal to fly flags on the back of your pickup truck or other vehicles. So you can head to the stadium proudly displaying your support for your favorite teams or country. 

However, you have to do it correctly to avoid receiving a ticket because, in some cases, flying a flag can be distracting and may create dangerous driving conditions. For example, the flag must be secured. 

It doesn’t matter if the flag is flying from a front window, rear window, or back bumper. If it’s not secure and can’t withstand the force of higher speeds, then it could fly off and obstruct the view of other drivers. 

Plus, if a flag is too large, it could block your windshield. You don’t want to block your rear window or side mirrors, either. 

Flags or other objects can’t protrude more than four feet off the back of your vehicle without an orange flag to mark it. You might have to flag your big flag. Height limitations are typically set at 14 feet. Remember that the taller the flag pool is, the stronger it needs to be. 

Also, some places, like schools or other public venues, have rules to prohibit people from flying flags on vehicles. It might be a good idea to look up the policies set in place before heading out. 

How to attach a flag to your truck 

You’ll need the right equipment to properly fly a flag on the back of your pickup truck. This includes your chosen flag, a flagpole, and a flag pole mount to attach. Deciding where you want to fly your flag might be easier before getting the mount. 

There are mounts for tow hitches, truck beds, the sides of truck beds, the back mirror, the front, and windows. Some can even hold multiple flags. Also, remember that you need a durable flag pole to hold up to high winds. Go for something made of aluminum or fiberglass. 

Installing the flag mount should be quick and easy. Flag mounts have a primary bracket to attach that is secured with clips or screws. Tighten the flag pole to ensure that it doesn’t slide or vibrate as you drive. 

Then, properly attach the flag to the pole. Make sure it won’t detach while in motion and that it doesn’t obscure your view. 

Respect flag etiquette with Old Glory 

A flag flying on the back of a pickup truck
A flag on the back of a Toyota Tundra | GettyImages

It’s important to always respect the United States flag code when displaying the American flag. It represents the commitment made by our fallen comrades to bravely battle to protect our freedom. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, flag etiquette is as follows for Old Glory, the U.S.A. flag.

A single flag should fly on the right or passenger’s side. Other flags can be placed on the left but need to be hung at the same height. No flags should be larger or taller than the American flag. With multiple other flags, the American flag should be placed in the center. 

Do not place the flag in a way that it could become damaged or torn. Tattered flags should be taken down and properly disposed of. You’re supposed to bring flags in during hurricanes, so 70 mph on the highway could be too much force. 

Don’t fly the flag in inclement weather, and only fly it at night if it’s illuminated. Also, the flag should never rest on part of your truck or touch the ground. 

Flying flags on pickup trucks isn’t illegal and can be safe. Just do things correctly and with respect. Do you have any tips to add?