How Safe Is the Ford Edge?

The Ford Edge is an SUV that’s been around for a few generations and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The specs for the newest model version are impressive with some new interior and exterior styling, as well as an 8-speed automatic transmission, and many driver assistance features. This sport utility vehicle model promises to turn some heads with its even great roomier cabin space.

But, designing and features aren’t the only things that make for a good sound vehicle. Safety is another important factor to keep in mind. Looking at the most recent results of the NHTSA and the IIHS safety tests show us just how safe we can expect the Ford Edge to be.

IIHS findings on the Ford Edge

The IIHS actually tested the 2016 model version of the Lincoln MKX and since some of the structures are the same as the newer models of the Ford Edge, they used the same results for Edge’s 2019 and 2020 model years. The IIHS gave good ratings, the highest possible, for all areas, except headlights and child anchors. They felt the child restraint anchors could easily be confused for other accessories, but they gave it an acceptable rating, anyway.

The headlights didn’t fare quite as good in their testing. They felt the SE, SEL, Titanium, and ST trim levels, the headlights didn’t perform as well on sharp curves and had an excessive glare on the low beams, which earned the Edge a Poor rating. The Titanium with a 301A package and the ST with 401A trim levels did okay and received an acceptable rating.

NHTSA findings for the Ford Edge

In the NHTSA safety crash tests performed in 2019, the Ford Edge received a rating of 5 stars for the frontal and side crash tests. It performed well on both the front and rear of the vehicles as well as the driver and passenger sides. For the rollover test, they gave the Edge a 4-star rating. Rollover risk for this 2019 SUV was 15.50%.

So far, there’s only one recall that’s been issued for the 2019 model, and that involves the seat belt. The recall states that the seat belt webbing could get detached from the anchor which might lessen the restraint to an individual when they get into an accident. This might cause injuries to people riding in the SUV. The NHTSA has received 20 complaints for the 2019 year. There were issues with the parking assist feature, shifting gears, the plastic used on wiring harnesses, and the assisted driving lane-centering feature to name only a few.

How safe is the Ford Edge?

The 2019 Edge comes with blind-spot monitoring, traction control, cross-traffic alert, child safety locks, and brake assist. As far as the airbags go, the Edge comes with the full system protecting the front and rear passenger heads as well as the sides for the driver and front passenger.

While it has some complaints, it still performed pretty well in the crash and safety tests that the NHTSA and the IIHS put it through. Both felt the Ford Edge did well and the only issues found had to do with the headlights with only a minor problem on the child safety anchors. The 2019 model SUV appears to be pretty safe.

The Ford Edge has come a long way from a previous safety test the NHTSA performed on it in 2011. That model did well on the side crash tests and did okay with the rollover test. But, it only got 3-stars on the frontal driver and passenger tests. It also received over 1,700 complaints for that model year, so the newest Ford Edge models are the way to go nowadays.