How Do You Tow an Electric Vehicle?

If you are reading this from the side of the road in your electric vehicle, don’t panic! You can certainly tow your electric vehicle, but it should be a flatbed. While this is an issue now, companies are working hard on a solution to allow all electric vehicles to be towed with ease.

Until then, keep your Tesla or Volkswagen ID.4 on a flatbed to protect it.

Can you tow a broken-down electric car or Tesla?

Two vehicles being chosen
Electric vehicles can’t be towed like regular vehicles due to differences in the wheels | Jonas Güttler/picture alliance via Getty Images

Your electric vehicle might need a tow for a few reasons. A dead battery, a flat tire, and running out of charge are some of the reasons. You don’t want to drag your EV down the road. If you need a tow, be sure to get a flatbed truck to ensure the car isn’t damaged.

Some electric vehicles have a neutral mode, but not all cars do. If you try to drag your car down the road, it could engage the motor and do all kinds of damage.

Therefore, it is possible to tow your electric vehicle, but not with any towing setup.

Some vehicles like the Nissan LEAF have neutral

When towing a regular, gas-powered car, you can simply hook up the car to another car and be on the way. The tcar should be in neutral to allow the car to move freely.

Green Car Reports says that vehicles like the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt do have a neutral mode. This would disconnect the motor from the drivetrain to ensure it is not damaged on the journey. However, Nissan and Chevy still suggest a flatbed.

Above all, don’t take risks when towing your electric vehicle. If you can’t find a flatbed to tow your car to safety, leave it there until a safer solution can be found.

A modern solution to a modern problem


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The UK brand, The AA, is a British motoring association. The company provides insurance, roadside assistance, loans, driving lessons and other things to those in the UK.

According to Motor 1 UK, The AA has designed a wheel to allow for two-wheel towing on electric vehicles. Steve Ives, the chief engineer for the AA, created a freewheeling hub of sorts to allow cars to be towed without a flatbed.

“The breakdown organization says it has also been unable to tow some vehicles if they have seized brakes, failed wheel bearings, or electric handbrakes. But the new wheel turns independently of the axle, allowing otherwise stranded vehicles to be towed to the nearest garage.”

James Fossdyke | Motor 1 UK

AA’s Multi-Fit wheel, as it is called, will allow companies to fit temporary wheels on a vehicle. This will allow the wheel to turn independently of the axel and allow the car to be towed.

In addition, this will help cut down the time it takes to tow the car and the time it takes overall. In the case that you are broken down in an unsafe location, a quick solution like this is invaluable.

It doesn’t appear the U.S. has a creation like the Multi-Fit wheel, but someone will probably create one soon enough.