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Honda just made headlines by announcing a software update to add Wireless Apple CarPlay to 2018-2022 Accords. Owners of recent Honda Accords are likely excited by this prospect, and I certainly hope that other car companies offer similar programs.

Apple debuted its CarPlay software on a 2014 Volvo prototype. It conceived the program as a way to access your phone safely through you in-car infotainment system. It uses big icons, voice search, and reads texts to you to help keep your eyes on the road. Apple announced CarPlay as a safety and convenience measure. But as a bonus it would also integrate Apple’s ecosystem in more aspects of an iPhone carrier’s life. This may be one reason Apple offered CarPlay for free to every automaker.

Closeup of a Honda Accord infotainment screen showing wireless Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay | AdrianHancu via iStockPhotos

Most automakers needed to rework their infotainment screens to be able to run Apple CarPlay. In 2015, it was only available on the Ferrari FF and Kia Soul. Soon Hyundai, GM, Mercedes-Benz, and VW had integrated the option–alongside Android Auto–into most of their fleets.

Honda had a different approach. It may have seen Apple CarPlay as a top-trim feature, even though it didn’t have to pay for it. Early on, Honda added CarPlay to the Acura NSX. In 2017, the larger, more expensive Honda models got CarPlay: the CR-V, Pilot, and Ridgeline. Early Hondas with CarPlay, including the 2018-2022 Honda Accord, required you physically plug in your phone to use CarPlay. But not any more.

Honda just announced that owners can have wireless CarPlay added to 2018-2022 Accords. By the end of January 2024, Honda plans to have a portal up so Accord owners can request wireless CarPlay. Having it installed will require a quick dealership visit.

Will owners of older Accords decide ditching the cables is worth a dealership visit? We’ll have to wait and see how many take Honda up on the offer. And if enough of them opt in, hopefully Honda will expand the program to other makes and models.

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