The Honda Accord Has a History of Being Green and Earning Recommendations

Despite tough competition from other automakers, Honda has remained near the top of the industry for a long time. There are many reasons for the brand’s success, but the most obvious is the quality of Honda’s cars. This is especially the case for Accord, with a long history of being not only green but also a great option overall.

The Honda Accord has been recommended for a long time

The Honda Accord, like the Toyota Camry, has been a popular consumer pick for decades. This is mainly because the Accord has a rightfully earned reputation as an affordable, reliable, and safe car. As such, the Accord, like the Camry, is a great choice for teen drivers and anyone else who values those qualities. 

But the Accord is a critical favorite too. For example, Consumer Reports has recommended more than a dozen Accord model years. Though CR hasn’t reviewer every Accord model, the consumer site has tested Accord models yearly since 2000. And across all those models, Consumer Reports has given the Accord 15 “Recommended” badges.

The Honda Accord is green too

On top of that, Consumer Reports has also praised the Accord for its environmental friendliness. CR began awarding models with its Green Choice designation this past February, and the site’s many past reviews of Accord models now bear that green-leaf icon. The Green Choice badge, as the name implies, signifies vehicles that emit low tailpipe emissions, Consumer Reports explains.

Accord fans are probably aware their favorite midsize sedan, whose 2021 model boasts a fuel economy of about 31 mpg combined, is a fuel-efficient choice. However, since Consumer Reports placed the Green Choice badge on eight Accord model years, all consumers can clearly see this car isn’t a big polluter. 

Except for the 2015 model year, every Accord made after the 2013 model year wears the Green Choice badge, Consumer Reports shows. The 2021 Accord, in particular, earned a 7 out of 10 for its greenhouse gas and smog emissions.

Why these stats are impressive


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Because Consumer Reports didn’t start handing out the Green Choice badge until recently, it was largely up to automakers to make their cars as environmentally friendly as possible. And because the Accord has produced low emissions for a while, it shows Honda didn’t need much motivation to make its cars as green as they can be. 

Other automakers, like Tesla and Toyota, have also had a long history of making green cars. But it’s a small club, and Honda is part of it. Plus, Honda constantly updates the Accord, too. According to Consumer Reports, the Accord has seen multiple redesigns over the past two decades. But despite those major changes, the Accord has consistently garnered recommendations from critics and consumers alike.

That type of brand reliability is rare. And the fact that Honda and the Accord have earned those accolades proves this midsize sedan is here for the long haul.