Gettacar CEO Strips Down to His Tiny Underwear in This 30-Second Ad

Buyers’ remorse is all too real in the auto industry. The car that seemed so perfect when you test-drove it around the block might be a pain to drive daily. That’s where car sales site Gettacar comes in.

The days of trying to decide on a vehicle based on a 10-minute drive are over. With Gettacar, you can skip the salesman and get the vehicle delivered to your home. That’s where you’ll keep it for a longer test drive. You don’t even have to get dressed to buy a car, as Gettacar founder/CEO Yossi Levi proves in a 30-second spot. More on that later.

Gettacar makes life easier 

For anyone tired of trying to barter with dealers and begging banks for a good interest rate, buying online seems like a great way to go. That’s why buying online is growing so popular. Though CarMax is the biggest fish in the online sea, it’s seeing more competition.

Gettacar may be new, but it’s quickly gaining traction. Like CarMax, its main focus is selling used cars. So if you’re looking for a great used vehicle that you can drive around for an extended period before committing to keeping it, you should check out Gettacar. Its vehicles are 3 to 4 years old and have an average of 30,000 to 40,000 miles on them, Forbes reports. Even better is the fact that the car-buying process takes as little as 12 minutes, Gettacar claims.

You can get financing, a 365-day warranty, and a test-drive from home. There’s also a seven-day window in which you can return the vehicle if you decide it isn’t the car of your dreams after all.

Gettacar is getting investors

With so many online-buying options now, the field is growing more crowded. For a newcomer like Gettacar, standing out can be a challenge. That’s why the company has been courting investors. And according to Forbes, Gettacar has attracted some big names.

The publication recently reported that Torch Capital and 3L participated in garnering funds. “The startup that began operations in 2018 announced Monday [February 22] $25 million in funding, bringing its fundraising total to $48 million through three rounds over approximately two years,” ” Forbes reported. 

COVID-19 has also played a role in boosting Gettacar’s customer base because many shoppers aren’t comfortable leaving home. And another factor in Gettacar’s visibility is its quirky commercials.

Skip the pants 


Used Car Buying Site Gettacar Is Here to Take On CarMax and Carvana

Founder Yossi Levi isn’t afraid to drop his pants to get his company more, uh, exposure. In an ad posted on Gettacar‘s YouTube channel, he strips down to show how relaxed car-buying can be. The commercial lasts for only 30 seconds, but the impression Levi makes will last a lifetime. 

When he’s not filming ads, the gregarious Levi promotes Gettacar in other ways. “I think, fundamentally, what we’re doing is telling people to conduct a $20,000 average transaction online,” he said in an Authority Magazine interview. “It may feel uncomfortable at first, but I think people are realizing more and more that when you eliminate all the friction from the process they’ve always known, you’ve built something very unique: an easy way to buy a vehicle quickly. We didn’t take the average time to purchase a car from 5.4 hours to 4 hours. We took it from 5.4 hours to a matter of minutes! That’s really the disruptive part: saving consumers a ton of time.”

Though Gettacar has a ways to go before it can compete head-to-head with giants like CarMax and Carvana, it’s making headway. It’s growing rapidly and could soon be a household name, too.