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Ford and Toyota aren’t exactly in the same league anymore. This has a lot to do with Ford scrapping all of its sedan models, while Toyota’s are still selling strong. This limits any comparison to SUVs and trucks. iSeeCars has taken on this daunting task, and the results of its Ford vs Toyota comparison may be surprising.

An exterior view of a Toyota dealership
A Toyota dealership | Getty Images

Toyota manages to dominate Ford in multiple areas

Toyota is often found at the top of lists, proclaiming that it has once again steamrolled the competition. It manages to stand out in multiple areas on a regular basis, and this latest study from iSeeCars is no different.

The Japanese automaker was praised for the pricing of new cars, fuel efficiency, overall quality, reliability, retained value, vehicle rankings, and the wide range of offered vehicles. 

Overall quality and reliability are probably some of the biggest areas that encourage consumers to come back to Toyota. Many Toyota models can easily last owners for over 300,000 miles. This means you’ll own a vehicle which will last them for several years to come, and if they choose to sell, then they’ll get a great price thanks to the retained value.

Fuel efficiency was another major win for the Japanese automaker. Given the fluctuating cost of gas, no one is eager to fill up their vehicle, so any chance to save money is something many drivers are going to jump at.

Ford is more than capable of holding its own

Even though Toyota won in seven categories, Ford also stood out. In fact, the American automaker beat out Toyota in five areas.

These include used car affordablility, depreciation, horsepower, towing capacity, and safety. Many of Ford’s vehicles are geared toward the off-roading community or those who use their trucks for work, so none of this is a major surprise.

Towing capacity is often valued for hauling both work tools like tractors and toys such as boats. And many people check out horsepower ratings before deciding on a car.

Safety is another major win for Ford. Even though Toyota offers plenty of safety features on its many vehicles, it wasn’t enough to help the Japanese automaker win in this category. Ford really goes all out, which helped it succeed.

Ford vs Toyota: who won in iSeeCars’ view?

iSeeCars didn’t actually pick an obvious winner. It clearly lays out the strengths and weaknesses of each brand and then leaves it there. The final verdict is left open for readers to choose for themselves.

It’s easy to see that Toyota does hold an advantage, however. Toyota stands out in two more categories than Ford, which gives it an undeniable edge. 

Then there are some factors in Ford’s favor that aren’t necessarily a pro when viewed a little more closely. While it’s true that the American automaker wins when it comes to cheaper used cars, this has a lot to do with the fact that Ford vehicles don’t hold their value as well as Toyota cars.

As also mentioned, many Ford trucks are geared toward off-roaders and workers. Towing capacity is great if you plan on hauling heavy items, but many drivers never tow anything, much less know how to attach a trailer to their vehicle. Because of this, the number of people seeking out cars based on how much they can haul is much lower than those seeking a reliable daily driver.

So should you avoid Ford in favor of Toyota? Not necessarily. It really depends on what you need a vehicle for, if you’re a fan of one brand or the other, or if you even want a Ford or  Toyota. There are other brands out there, after all, and they each have their own areas they shine.


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