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Ford Broncos everywhere but not a one to drive. This is the current situation at a location just outside of the Dearborn, Michigan Ford plant, now called Ice Mountain. Originally, this spot was donned Dirt Mountain, but the arrival of snow and ice quickly changed the tune and the name. The location isn’t the issue; the fact that so many Bronco models sit idle in this spot is a troubling situation right now. When will these SUVs head to dealerships and be offered for sale?

Yes, its another case of the chip shortage impacting the industry

2021 Ford Bronco in snow
2021 Ford Bronco | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

There’s only one reason these Ford Bronco SUVs sit waiting for shipment to dealerships: the semiconductor chip shortage. This shortage reared its ugly head last summer when pickup trucks were left unfinished; now we see the new Bronco models waiting for these miniature pieces of silicone that will put these SUVs out on the road.

According to Automotive News, Ford stated they are working to maximize production, leaving these SUVs unfished while waiting for the chips. This process is the most efficient way to push the Bronco models to dealers as soon as the chips arrive, but the question of when still looms large. When will dealers see these Broncos, will customers with reservations come first, how will Ford allocate finished products?

Answering this critical question about the 2022 Ford Bronco SUV

Unfinished Ford Bronco Models at Ice Mountain covered in snow
Unfinished Ford Bronco Models at Ice Mountain | Auto Evolution

We ask is how Ford will allocate the finished inventory of the Bronco. According to Bloomberg, Ford plans to route half of the finished Bronco models to customers with online reservations. This leaves the other half remaining, of which 25 percent will go to dealers. The last 25 percent will also make it to dealers based on historical sales volume. This means dealerships with more extensive sales inventories and higher-volume historic sales will receive more Bronco models than others.

Trouble with communication from Ford

Buyers understand the semiconductor shortage situation and the slow-moving inventory from automakers, but some feel frustrated. Reports of communication gaps between the automaker and online customers with reservations show some buyers are restless. Does Ford need to communicate better with these shoppers? Possibly, but when there aren’t any updates to report, what should Ford tell its online shoppers?

The Bronco isn’t the only vehicle Ford has unfinished

Last summer, at the height of the semiconductor shortage, Ford had more than 70,000 vehicles sitting in various parking lots near assembly plants without the necessary chips. At that time, the company tossed around the idea of shipping unfinished models to participating dealers who would then install the chips once available. Thankfully, Ford did not move forward with this plan, which would have proved confusing for many shoppers. Imagine seeing several trucks and SUVs on a Ford dealership lot only to be told you can’t buy one of them.

Only the latest challenge for the Bronco

Desert Sand 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades with the sunset in the background
Desert Sand 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades | Ford

Did you expect the Ford Bronco to arrive and immediately have zero problems? If so, you were fooling yourself. Last summer, Ford recalled many Bronco models due to faulty tops leading to a huge backlog of these vehicles. Now, we’re seeing these SUVs sitting at Ice Mountain, soon to be Dirt Mountain again, waiting for the ever-elusive semiconductor chips. Will this madness ever end?