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The last thing this truck needs is another issue. After sales of the Ford F-150 Lightning have slowed down, now deliveries are being impacted. In fact the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is struggling against a long stop-sale. 

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning quality checks are causing  delays 

Did you know that the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning has been facing a stop-sale since February 9? That means it hasn’t been moving. Deliveries are currently delayed by weeks. 

But the delivery pause should make life easier once these electric trucks finally get delivered. They are being held due to quality issues. 

Ford plans to correct the problems so it doesn’t have to deal with a recall to save customers time and peace of mind. 

As completed 2024 F-150 Lightning models are piling up at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan the gas-powered F-150 models are already being delivered. 

But Ford hasn’t shared why the F-150 Lightning is facing quality issues. According to The Detroit News, Ford spokesperson, Emma Bergg, shared that Ford expects to ramp up shipments in the upcoming weeks as thorough quality checks are completed. 

She continued to explain that the launch quality checks ensure the trucks meet Ford’s high standards and delight customers. 

The face of the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning
2024 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

While quality checks can save manufacturers millions by preventing recalls and expensive repairs, they also slow down vehicle ramp-ups. The quality checks for the new Ford Super Duty trucks cost Ford roughly $1 billion. 

The 2024 Chevy Silverado faced a stop-sale earlier in the year due to a roof defect that was caught before being delivered. Now, the 2024 Chevy Colorado has a stop-sale due to software issues. 

While improving quality is good, this delivery pause piles onto the list of the F-150 Lightning’s issues. For example, it’s facing a steep demand decline and production was reduced from 3,200 to only 1,600 models a week. 

At least the 2024 F-150 Lightning is still eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit. That should help with the prices that range between $54,995 to $84,995. 

Stay tuned for updates as I track production rates and try to discover what type of problems this truck is facing.