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The Ford Explorer, as its name suggests, can go on adventures into the great beyond. However, in a harrowing incident in Oklahoma City earlier this year, the SUV wandered a little too far. A driver crashed an Explorer into a house, plowed into a woman’s bedroom, and knocked her off the bed.

Sleep for an Oklahoma City woman rudely interrupted by a Ford Explorer car crash

Ford Explorer SUV crashed into woman’s bedroom in Oklahoma City, knocking her off the bed
Ford Explorer in car crash | News 9 via YouTube

A bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary for many. It shields us from the troubles of the outside world. And we enjoy restful slumbers to recharge our batteries for the next day. Now, imagine as you’re sleeping, “catching some z’s,” and having pleasant dreams, suddenly, out of nowhere, a big SUV comes crashing into your bed. That’s what happened to an Oklahoma City woman.

Late at night, a Ford Explorer drove through a residential neighborhood of Oklahoma City — near Northwest 64th Street and May. The driver lost control of the SUV, and it plowed through a fence. It then went through a second one on a wild journey through multiple yards of the neighborhood.

After plowing through the two fences, the Explorer smashed through the brick wall of the woman’s house, creating a big hole. The SUV plunged right into the bedroom of the sleeping woman. The Explorer then slammed into the bed — and the force was so strong that it launched it four feet. 

Woman taken to hospital with minor injuries from hit-and-run car accident

Woman placed in an ambulance after Ford Explorer car crash knocked her off the bed
Victim in ambulance | News 9 via YouTube

After the Ford Explorer hit the bed, it knocked the woman off it. Miraculously, she only had minor injuries. An ambulance took her to a local Oklahoma City hospital, and she’s expected to make a full recovery. 

News 9 spoke to the victim. She “didn’t want to go on camera” but told the media outlet that she was “shaken up” after the car accident. The woman also said she’s “thankful she only sustained minor injuries.”

According to the police, witnesses saw a woman walking around the house at the time of the strange crash incident. However, they didn’t find anyone inside the Ford Explorer. It was a hit-and-run accident. At the time of the News 9 report, the Oklahoma Police Department was investigating the crash, but no arrest had yet been made. It’s unknown if it found a suspect and arrested anyone since then.

Neighbor with a busted fence gives an account of the weird incident

News 9 spoke to Bryan Niermeier, the woman’s neighbor. He was one of the Oklahoma City residents with a fence smashed by the Ford Explorer. 

Niermeier said: “It was kind of bizarre because it’s not every day you wake up in the middle of the night, and somebody’s drove through your fence and crashed into a neighbor’s house. Yea, it was kind of a weird deal.” He continued, “The neighbor across the street, his fence just got rebuilt this year also. They just moved in recently, so that’s a nice welcome to the neighborhood.” 

By the next day, the woman’s house had boards covering the hole. People picked up the pieces of the wreckage. Also, Niermeier had a new project to fix his busted fence.

“I had to call into work and say, ‘I’m not going to be in. Somebody drove through my fence.’”

Niermeier “prayed for a speedy recovery” for the victim. Additionally, the neighbor remarked how the car crash with the Explorer SUV could have been much worse.