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The Ford Bronco has been on a hot streak. Since entering the market to take on the Jeep Wrangler, Ford’s off-roader has been among the industry’s most in-demand models. But high demand usually means high prices, and this situation is no different. Ford has once again announced 2023 Bronco price increases. 

Price increases arrive for various Bronco trims and option packages 

Rear view of a red two-door Ford Bronco sits in a desert landscape.
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

A recent report from AutoBlog suggested an overall price increase for Bronco trim levels was on the way. Bronco forums had been buzzing with conversation around an alleged Ford corporate memo to its dealership network outlining price increase plans. A few days later, the Bronco price increases officially went into effect. 

  • $500 increase for some two-door models
  • $1,250 increase for Heritage Limited Edition Models
  • $750 increase for some four-door models
  • $750 increase for Lux package
  • $750 increase for Sasquatch package 
  • $150 increase for Modular Bumper 
  • $1,200 increase for Carbonized Grey hard top

Prospective buyers patiently waiting in line to order new Broncos will now see higher prices on their option sheets. 

How much does a new Bronco cost?

The price of a new Ford Bronco depends on factors like trim level, options, and dealer markups. 

The base entry-level Bronco starts at just under $35,000. But according to Ford, the Bronco Base is not available to order. The manufacturer instructs shoppers to check with local dealers for base Bronco availability. 

Moving up in trim levels increases the price of a new Bronco significantly. Up at the top of the range, the new Ford Bronco Raptor starts at $78,580. But you’ll only pay that price if you can get an order in – and if your dealership is willing to make a deal at MSRP.

Strong demand keeping both new and used prices high 

Grey 2023 Ford Bronco in front of mountain background.
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

A perfect storm of buyer demand and supply chain constraints has caused an inventory and pricing bottleneck for the Ford Bronco. It doesn’t take long to find anecdotes of shoppers waiting months to submit orders, let alone take deliveries of their Broncos. Plus, rampant dealer markups have made buying a new Bronco at MSRP difficult. 

Turning to the used Bronco market doesn’t help much, either. 

According to Kelley Blue Book, the Ford Bronco estimated resale value ranks fourth among all models. That report estimates that 2023 Broncos will retain approximately 65 percent of their original sale value. It means that Broncos are keeping more of their original value than almost any other vehicles on the road. The only models with higher resale value projections are the Tesla Model X, Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Tundra. 

Whether on the market for a new or used Bronco, the latest price increases will likely affect almost all shoppers. 


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