Feel Luxurious While Balling on a Budget Under $40k in a BMW 2 Series

BMW cars are so popular because they have zippy engines and fun handling. However, some critics believe that the BMW 2 Series sedan is an exception to this standard. The 2 Series Gran Coupe suffers from dull steering, disappointing interior dimensions, and it still lacks Android Auto compatibility. 

Despite this, CarFax put the BMW 2 Series on its best AWD sports cars list for 2020. It may have come in 11th place overall, but it’s the cheapest car on the list after the Dodge Challenger. If you’ve ever wanted a luxury vehicle, here are a few reasons why the BMW 2 Series sedan won’t disappoint.

The BMW 2 Series’ entry-level price

Most people would enjoy a luxury car, but not everyone can afford the sticker price. If you buy the standard BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, you’ll only have to pay around $37,300. If you want to leave off the all-wheel-drive, you can also get the regular sports coupe for about $35,000.

Plentiful powertrain options

The base sedan is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo-four that can make 248 hp. If you’re buying the Gran Coupe model, the engine produces 228 hp. Those willing to spend a little extra cash can upgrade to the turbo-four that can make 301 hp. The Gran Coupe models are only available with an eight-speed automatic transmission, but the base sedan can have a six-speed manual.

The M2 models stray from an affordable price, but each has an impressive engine. The M240i can go from 0-60 mph in a little over four seconds. The most powerful engine lies under the hood of the M2 CS, though. It has a 0-60 time under four seconds and produces 444 hp.

While these options are tempting, drivers of the regular coupes won’t find themselves lacking for power. The standard engines also get the best gas mileage, 24 mpg in town and 32 mpg during highway trips.

Excellent ride quality

The BMW 2 Series is a great daily driver because of its good handling and fuel economy. Winding roads won’t be an issue, and the suspension works well over rough pavement. Car and Driver said that the base engine produces minimal lag, which subsides completely in the M240i model.

Consumer Reports also recommended the M240i for performance-minded drivers. It’s excellent in any drive mode, but thrill-seekers will especially appreciate the Sport Plus setting with enhanced stability control. Testers also noted that the cabin is exceptionally quiet for a sports car.

Comfortable cabin

Part of the luxury car’s appeal is a high-class interior, and it’s present inside the BMW 2 Series. Synthetic leather is standard, and the seats are comfortable and supportive in the cabin. However, since the vehicle itself is small, the backseat isn’t very adult-friendly.

The iDrive system doesn’t come with a touchscreen in any trim. Thankfully, the main controller knob isn’t tricky to use, and the system itself is highly intuitive. However, some drivers might find the singular USB port and lack of standard smartphone integration disappointing.

How long will a BMW 2 Series sedan last?

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The 2020 BMW 2 Series only has an average predicted reliability score from Consumer Reports. Overall, the 2016 model has a better dependability score, citing only power equipment and in-car electronics as big trouble spots. Buying a lightly used model also ensures that you’ll get it at a low price.

If your heart is set in a shiny new 2 Series sedan, you’ll get an abundant amount of safety equipment. It includes parking sensors, forward collision warning with AEB, and even driver drowsiness monitoring. It may not be perfect, but the BMW 2 Series sedan is still an impeccable value.