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There is a major EV price battle going on in the U.S. Tesla has slashed the Model 3’s latest price to $38,990–before the federal $7,500 rebate. And that makes it relatively competitive with ICE cars. But the Chinese automaker BYD is going one step further, offering its “Yuan Plus” EV crossover for $16,644 in the Chinese market. Here’s how much car you get for that price.

The BYD Yuan Plus (known as the Atto 3 in most markets) comes with a 44.92 kWh battery standard. It makes 200 horsepower and BYD claims a 214 mile range. The extended-range version may break 300 miles, but obviously costs more. With the smaller battery its curb weight comes in at 3,500 pounds and reviewers say it can do 3.3 miles/kWh.

White EV crossover by BYD
2023 BYD Yuan Plus | Strilets via Wikimedia Commons

That miles/kWh efficiency is on-par with the Tesla Model Y. For the price, those are fantastic numbers. In fact, the only downside I see is the slow charging speed. The entry-level Yuan Plus can only charge at 70 kW. The Model Y tops out at 210 kW, the latest Hyundais can hit 350 kW. So you’ll be parked at a charger for much longer in the BYD. This makes it a poor choice for long road trips.

Otherwise, would the Yuan Plus feel like a budget vehicle? Probably not. See, BYD sells it as the Atto 3 in France for the equivalent of $50,650 USD. Even in Australia, it starts at the equivalent of $31,336 USD. And if those drivers are happy to shell out for it, the build quality must be good enough to warrant those kind of prices.

BYD Atto 3 EV parked in front of a blue backdrop.
2023 BYD Yuan Plus | Strilets via Wikimedia Commons

Honestly, I expect BYD’s $16k Yuan Plus price in China is just an effort to cement its place as the EV automaker there. Sales may be slipping with China’s current economic woes. And I don’t know how much BYD is losing on each one. But I do know someone is getting a great price.

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