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Epic Games is actively part of some epic collaborations. It works with brands by bringing both fictional characters and representations of real objects into the immersive world of Fortnite. Regardless of your opinion on the game itself, it’s tough to argue that it hasn’t been one of the most influential creations in pop culture. Nissan is collaborating with Epic Games to impress a new generation of automobile consumers. By the time some of Fortnite’s audience is able to drive, the Nissan Hyper Punk SUV concept could become a reality.

The Nissan Hyper Punk SUV aims to impress physically and digitally

A gray Nissan Hyper Punk electric compact crossover concept.
The Nissan Hyper Punk | Nissan

Nissan isn’t playing games with its latest concept vehicle (or is it?). In all seriousness, the Japanese brand has clearly put deep thought into the marketing strategy behind the Hyper Punk concept SUV. The futuristic SUV will appear in Fortnite. Though this may seem goofy to adults and modern consumers, Fornite appearances could very well be the commercial of the future. After all, it’s a way for current and future consumers to interact with the idea of a product in a unique way.

What if you could see a digital version of a product you’re interested in within a video game, augmented reality, or virtual reality? Would that increase the likelihood of you purchasing said product? Perhaps such interactions will plant the seed for a future purchase. At the very least, a digital representation of a product you can interact with in any form makes it more appealing than a product you have interacted with less. I don’t know what the new flavor of Coca-Cola tastes like, but if there was an augmented reality version of the can projected onto my desk, I’d probably be more inclined to go out and purchase one.

Nissan’s upcoming Fortnite appearance is nothing short of a marketing stroke of genius. Why? Because the eight-year-old who drives or chases after the concept vehicle in the game will have some emotional connection to a real iteration of the vehicle a decade or two from now. Welcome to a new era of digital marketing.

What is the Nissan Hyper Punk?

A gray Nissan Hyper Punk concept electric compact crossover is parked.
The Nissan Hyper Punk SUV concept | Nissan

Funky and futuristic concept vehicles are nothing new to the automotive industry. Some of these concepts eventually come to life to the delight of consumers. Bringing a concept vehicle to auto shows can be a great way to reignite or retain the interests of consumers. A good concept vehicle can be a show-stealer, which is exactly what the Nissan Hyper Punk appears to be.

The Nissan Hyper Punk electric two-door compact crossover represents the Japanese brand’s aspirations for the future. Style and innovation are at the forefront of its design language.

Will the Nissan Hyper Punk ever be sold?


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There’s no telling whether or not Nissan will actually produce a model similar to the Hyper Punk concept vehicle. However, based on the existing Nissan Ariya, it isn’t too far-fetched. Nissan is investing millions into the brand’s electric future and has the potential to become a producer of a best-selling EV.

The Nissan Hyper Punk is easily one of the boldest concept vehicles to hit the scene in 2023. Is it a must, or is this innovative concept a hard pass?