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This week, a heartwarming video of a smart Fido is circulating. In it, the kindly pup patiently awaits a large car wash brush to swirl down low enough to reach. The video is embedded below. In less than 48 hours, the X post has been viewed more than 17 million times.

As the car wash brush works around the back of a white vehicle in the bay, the pup takes full advantage of the soft spinning bristles. The dog spends nearly 60 seconds hitting every itchy zone.

What’s hilarious is how comfortable the dog is in fully immersing itself in the bristles. It also seems to understand that the machine stops and then starts back up again. Clearly, the pup has done this before! It almost makes you want to try it…

An automatic car wash cleans a blue car in rearview with big red brushes
PLG via iStock

I never figured that automatic car wash brushes could ever be safe enough for close contact like this, but I suppose it makes sense in some iterations. One local car wash near me uses flat, foam-paneled “brushes,” if you could even call them that. They certainly wouldn’t do much more than slap you silly. Of course, for years now, touchless or brushless washes have become more common in the U.S.

The smiling, good-humored hound looks to be a collarless shepherd. The video doesn’t appear to be taken in the U.S., as shown by the license plates of the cars inside the wash bays.

While heartwarming, the dog seems to be battling a skin issue that could use some care. It might be a stray, but regardless, let’s hope someone’s taken responsibility for this goodest pupper and is getting its needs addressed.