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The EV market is full of fresh blood these days. From Rivian to GMC’s Hummer, big electric trucks and SUVs are the norm. However, Daymak chose to go the other way. Daymak is a small electric mobility solutions company, making everything from scooters to e-bikes, to some more wild creations that haven’t seen the light of day yet, like a flying car. Their most recent offering, the Spiritus is a small EV 3-wheeler, and apparently, it has some pretty neat tricks.

Daymak’s EV: figures and specs

The rear view of the 3-wheeled Daymak Spiritus
The Spiritus EV | Daymak

The Toronto-based manufacturer says the 2 seater Slingshot-Esque EV “isn’t for everyone”. However, there are two versions available for preorder, so they must be for someone. Or two someones. The first model is a much lower trim of the Spiritus, the Deluxe. There’s only three exterior colors available for both trims right now, blue, red, and black. Steering wheels are an option on the pricer Spiritus Ultimate, but not on the lower-level “Deluxe” car. Pricing starts at $19,995 for the Deluxe and $149,000 for the ultimate. Quite the price gap, but Daymak does their best to justify it.

Both trim levels will weigh around 1,300 lbs, incredibly light; but then the Spiritus is rather small. Batteries are either 75 or 147kw, with top speeds ranging from “85+” to “130+” MPH. Both models will be able to charge via regenerative braking and solar panels on the roof. Now, here’s where things get a little… ambitious. Daymak says that Ultimate models will be able to hit 60 MPH in 1.8 seconds, almost as fast as a Tesla Roadster. The prototype lacks front motors, and that’s a lot of hauling for one electric motor to do, even with so little weight. The Ultimate will be even lighter, as it will have a carbon-fiber body.

It’ll do WHAT?

A rendering of the interior of the Daymak Spiritus, covered with screens
The interior of the Spiritus | Daymak

While the specs sheet on the Spiritus is impressive, especially in “Ultimate” guise, there’s one feature that hasn’t been mentioned yet. For some wholly inexplicable reason, your Spiritus will be able to mine cryptocurrencies for you. The company believes that crypto will play a much larger role by the car’s 2023 release date, and you’ll be able to use a function called Nebula Wallet to access your crypto mining profits, meme stock, or not.

Some manufacturers do offer wallet integration, largely for the purpose of paying for EV charging. However, this is a whole other step. Assuming that paying for charging is what the Nebula Wallet is intended for, the idea isn’t terrible. Hopefully, Daymak will let you make your lease payments through the function, given the astronomical price of the Spiritus Ultimate.

A promising start

The brick exterior of a Daymak facility
The Daymak production facility | James MacDonald via Getty Images

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Daymak’s website makes a lot of promises. From sub-2 second 0-60 times to autonomous driving, to wireless charging and crypto mining. It’s safe to say that the project is ambitious, if not a little optimistic. Such is the vision of the future. Ambition can certainly pay off, after all. Look at Tesla. Whether this little EV can rival the big dogs remains to be seen, but the results will be interesting for sure. For now, it’s a race to see who can make their concept car first, Tesla with their Cybertruck, or Daymak’s Spiritus.