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In a viral trend, some Tesla Cybertruck drivers are purposely sticking their fingers in harm’s way (watch what I’m talking about below). However, one owner recently posted a different kind of accidental injury on a forum.

Be careful when closing your Cybertruck door!

CyberWade is an Austin-based owner who joined in December. A few days ago, he explained how his shin was badly gashed on the truck’s stainless steel door.

“I parked on an incline, exited the truck and as I was closing the door I manage to clip the very corner of the door against my leg,” he said. “When I got home the wife said I needed to go get stitches, so I did.”

You can see the images for yourself on the thread. Queasy folks, beware; it’s definitely no small scratch.

To me, what’s even more uncomfortable is the owner’s overly apologetic statements.

“I’m clumsy, so this is 100% my fault lol. I still love the truck!” he said after sharing the images and went on to excuse the EV’s design. “The corner really isn’t that sharp, I was just lucky enough to close the door with enough force and hit my leg perfectly to cause damage.”

A Tesla Cybertruck EV pickup is parked in the desert at right front angle
Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla is so aware of the risk of injury from CT doors that the owner’s manual has a whole section on it 

In the truck’s owner’s manual, Tesla has several bold warnings about how careful folks should be with the doors.

Warning: Use caution around the panel edges on Cybertruck, including the doors, powered frunk, tailgate, and surrounding panels.

Warning: When pulling the door open, always grasp the door at the top, as shown. Keep hands and fingers away from the opening edge and supervise children if they open and close the doors. This is especially important when handling a front door where the opening edge can cause injury when opening or closing the associated rear door. Neglecting to follow the correct opening procedure for front and rear doors can lead to injury.

Notwithstanding Tesla’s year-to-date headlines, time will tell how many people truly accept these Cybertruck “quirks” in the long term.