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It’s no secret that even something as basic as a normal Honda Civic can pull massive bids with low mileage on a powerhouse auction site. So, when an extra-special variant of a cult-loved car comes up for sale, it’s safe to assume that the final hammer price can get wild. For example, the six-figure Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R from a couple of years ago. While we’re not sure it’ll surpass the $100,000 mark, this rare Honda Civic Si Mugen is certainly a sought-after bit of Honda history.

The Mugen Civic Si is a bit of a forgotten gem, but it’s wildly cool

You’re not likely to see a ton of Mugen Civic Si examples running about. That’s not all that surprising, considering the Honda tuning legend only made 1,000 of them. Wearing a coat of Honda’s iconic Fiji Blue Pearl paint and a host of aerodynamic modifications, the Mugen examples stand out in a crowd. The one currently for sale on Bring A Trailer, though, stands out even more for the fact that it has only 18,000 original miles on it.

You might wonder how a true driving enthusiast’s version of an already desirable performance car wound up with such little mileage. The vehicle’s CarFax report shows that the first owner bought the vehicle from Larry H. Miller Honda in Idaho in 2008. Then, in 2016, the next owner bought the car with around 1,500 miles on the odometer. In 2021, the owner traded the car back to the original dealership it came from for a brand-new CR-V. For over a decade, this gorgeous and rare Honda Civic Si was well-kept in a garage and accumulated just barely over 1000 miles a year.

I happened to know about the final trade-in because I had a small role in facilitating the sale from the dealership to the current owner. Interestingly, the story that both myself and the current owner got was that the original owner was an older woman who bought it new in 2008 and kept it until 2021. The Carfax report shows multiple owners conflicts with that story. That is, despite the sales manager of the dealer having been around in 2008 when the car was originally sold. All I can say for sure is that no matter how many folks owned it, they clearly loved and cared for it.

What makes the Mugen different from a standard eighth-gen Civic Si?

First and foremost, the incredible Mugen aero kit, from the front lip and side skirts all the way to that phenomenal rear wing, stands out as the most obvious difference. Of course, it wears a matching coat of Fiji Blue Pearl paint. That’s not the only Mugen touch, of course.

Mugen also fitted the car with lowered suspension, 18-inch forged wheels, and increased spring and shock rates for enhanced handling capabilities. If you’re familiar with the eighth-gen Si, you’ll know that that’s a tall order, as it comes out of the box as a phenomenal driver’s car.

Other Mugen bits include the shift knob and a plate near the shifter that reads “Mugen Si Limited Edition.” Finally, it also has a Mugen sport exhaust system.

While the Mugen Si was criticized by some for its lack of substantial difference in performance when compared to a standard Civic Si, you’d really need to be on a track comparing times to see the differences. After all, it still retains the standard Si’s K-series engine and transmission.

How much will this Mugen Si sell for?

Front 3/4 of rare Honda Civic Si Mugen Limited Edition in Fiji Blue Pearl
Honda Civic Si Mugen Limited Edition | Anthony Stone

Ultra-Rare Honda Civic Mugen RR Listed for Sale at $127,000

What’s not up for debate, though, is the rarity and desirability of this car. It has fresh tires, oil, a transmission flush, ceramic-coated paint, and very few flaws. This might just be the perfect example of a road-going Mugen Si. I certainly can’t say for sure what it’ll bring, but it’s safe to assume it’s going to attract a pretty penny.

The condition has unsurprisingly remained as near-flawless as the day it left Idaho because of the new owner’s meticulous upkeep and care. When it comes to examples of this particular Si variant, you’re almost guaranteed never to see an example this nice again. So, if you’re in the market, don’t miss your chance to place a bid.