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How long ago did you buy your last car? If you like to trade for new models every few years, you’ve probably got the latest tech in your car. Imagine sticking with the same car for 15 years and then stepping into a new Ford F-150 Lightning. That fifteen-year-old vehicle probably doesn’t even have Bluetooth, which makes moving to the Ford electric truck similar to a futuristic time warp.

Is the move from an old car to an EV too much?

The past 15 years in the automotive world have been the fastest moving in terms of advancements and technology. That doesn’t mean a driver with an older vehicle isn’t familiar with most of the latest tech, just not in their car.

Here are some things John Velasco from Tom’s Guide learned going from a 15-year-old sedan to the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Electric vehicles charge like smartphones

It makes sense that the Ford EV truck charged like a smartphone, the batteries in both are made of the same materials. Velasco learned that an EV’s batteries charge to 50% pretty quickly and slow down after that.

This truck doesn’t drive like a typical pickup

Automakers have made incredible advancements in truck suspensions and builds to provide the smoothest possible ride. With the battery pack in the floor, creating a lower center of gravity, the Ford F-150 Lightning drives much smoother than most pickups and some SUVs. The biggest differences between this electric truck and a sedan could be the vehicle’s size and driving position.

It takes time to get used to one-pedal driving in an EV

One-pedal driving is a system that begins to slow the vehicle when the driver takes their foot off the accelerator. This can take time to learn because an EV will slow down much faster than a gas-powered vehicle. It can be jarring to suddenly take your foot off the accelerator and feel an EV slowing the vehicle before applying the brakes.

Adaptive Headlights make driving the Ford F-150 Lightning better at night

Adaptive Headlights are becoming more commonplace in the automotive world. These headlights move in the direction of the steering wheel. This helps drivers see around turns and avoid hitting obstacles they might not see.

Advanced safety makes an EV much safer to drive

When you go from an older car without a rearview camera or many of the modern safety features and step into an electric pickup truck, the entire experience is different. The warnings and alerts of the modern vehicle can be a bit alarming at first. Some of these small warnings make a big difference.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Dashboard Display
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Dashboard Display | Ford

Massive screens can be distracting

The Ford F-150 Lighting comes with large screens for infotainment and vehicle data. This is a huge difference when compared to a 15-year-old car that doesn’t have an infotainment screen and has analog gauges. The large screens in the EV truck can be distracting but offer useful information.

Moving from an older vehicle to a modern-day EV can be a massive change for some drivers, but overall, that change can be positive. Still, some modern features take time for some drivers to get comfortable with them.