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Chrysler has one of the most limited lineups of any automaker. 2023 Chrysler shoppers must choose between the Pacifica minivan and the 300 sedan. But Stellantis is shutting down the factories where both these vehicles are built and retooling them for its new shared Stellantis chassis vehicles. So will a North American factory be back online in time to build Chrysler products in 2024? Or will the brand’s luxury lineup look very different?

What is happening to the Chrysler Pacifica and 300?

Chrysler might struggle to offer 2024 model-year versions of its two vehicles. And when Chrysler does get rolling, its 300 sedan and Pacifica minivan will have very different fates from one another.

A dark gray Chrysler Pacifica PHEV minivan parked in front of a mountain range with orange foliage.
2023 Chrysler Pacifica | Stallantis

With its available plug-in hybrid configuration, the Chrysler Pacifica minivan is well future-proofed. Stellantis – Chrysler’s parent company – will likely keep updating it for several more model years. But Stellantis is taking the Pacifica’s Windsor, Ontario factory offline to renovate it to build other hybrids and EVs as well. So will we have a 2024 Pacifica? We’ll have to wait and see if the factory is operational again soon enough to build any 2024 Pacificas.

The Chrysler 300 shares a chassis – and many powertrain options – with the Dodge Charger. But with the age of the crossover upon us, Chrysler 300 sales have fallen to half what they were just five years ago. The automaker only sold 14,000 of its 2022 models. When Dodge launches its new Charger and Challenger, it’s doubtful Stellantis will invest in designing a Chrysler variant.

Will there be any new Chryslers for 2024?

If Chrysler can’t build the Pacifica for the 2024 model year and the 300 gets canceled, Stellantis may rebadge some of its foreign vehicles as Chryslers. This could lead to a very interesting lineup for the automaker in 2024.

A white, black, and red Chrysler 300 sedan lined up in front of a glass building reflecting the sunset.
2023 Chrysler 300s | Stellantis

The most likely candidate for a 2024 Chrysler is the Alfa Romeo Tonale/Dodge Hornet. Stellantis is already building this crossover in Italy and importing it to North America. A Chrysler version would keep the brand going through 2024.

But luxury car drivers tend to opt for larger vehicles. A second option would be a rebadged Alfa Romeo Stelvio. This is another crossover already imported to the U.S., so Chrysler needs only design a new body. Or if Stellantis felt there is a market for a Chrysler sedan, it could rebadge the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Personally, I am hoping for a Chrysler version of the mid-engine Maserati MC20 supercar. Ridiculous you say? Maybe not so much. Chrysler actually built a handsome mid-engine sports car concept in 2004: the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve. If Stellantis wants to compete with the Corvette, badging this supercar as a Chrysler has the benefit of not upsetting the front-engine purists who love Dodge.

Why wasn’t the Jeep Grand Wagoneer a Chrysler?

It may seem odd that Stellantis built a full-size SUV on the Ram truck’s frame and didn’t create a Chrysler version. But considering that many Wrangler owners sell their SUVs to buy a third row, making the Wagoneer a Jeep sub-brand may have been wise.

A silver Chrysler Aspen SUV parked in front of a house.
2009 Chrysler Aspen | Stellantis

There is a Mopar Insiders rumor that the Warrent Truck Assembly Plant building the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer (alongside the Ram 1500 Classic) will be branching out to more vehicles. We might see a Grand Durango. We might also see a resurrected Chrysler Aspen. Only time will tell.

Next, read more about the Chrysler Aspen SUV that was head of its time, or see the 2023 Chrysler 300 reviewed in the video below: