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This week, we learned all about what the 2024 Mazda3 has to offer, and unfortunately, a higher base price was once again a part of the equation. But what do you get for your extra money with the cheapest 2024 Mazda3? Improved tech, for one, but there’s more to the story than that.

What safety features come in the cheapest 2024 Mazda3?

When it comes to safety, the cheapest 2024 Mazda3 might have some of the best equipment you’ll find in a new car under $25,000. Included for that heftier base price are radar cruise control with stop and go, functions that are typically reserved for base luxury sedans that go for $10,000 more.

In addition, the baby Mazda includes Mazda’s version of pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking, plus a driver attention alert and automatic high beams. New for 2024, the cheapest Mazda3 also comes standard with blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, solving one of the car’s biggest problems.

Those massive blind spots made it difficult to change lanes or reverse with any confidence. The addition of these safety touches as standard will make the Mazda3 an even bigger hit than it already is.

Premium technology updates in the new Mazda3

The cheapest 2024 Mazda3 in gray
2024 Mazda 3 Sedan | Mazda

In addition to the wealth of safety features, the cheapest 2024 Mazda3 also includes a host of advanced technology. The MyMazda app and its remote functions cost nothing for the first three years via Mazda Connected Services.

Up front, there are two USB-C ports, which is a good step forward as more devices come with this technology out of the box. The new 3 lets you ditch the adapters and use the fast-charging capability of the latest devices.

This compact Mazda sedan also includes push-button start, rain-sensing wipers, and automatic high beams, all as standard kit.

The previous Mazda3 earned rave reviews

Mazda isn’t changing the Mazda3 formula all that much for 2024, outside of the additional standard features. Having driven a 2023 Mazda3 Hatchback, I can say that it was the right balance of engaging, efficient, and comfortable for a daily driver.

With few changes for the 2024 model year, I expect that excellent driving experience to age well yet again. There aren’t many compact sedans or hatchbacks left these days. Between the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and Hyundai Elantra, it’s the Mazda3 that I enjoy the most. Having driven them all, I believe it is the most comfortable and engaging small car on sale today.

When will the 2024 Mazda3 be available?

2024 Mazda3 interior
2024 Mazda3 interior | Mazda3

According to Mazda, the cheapest 2024 Mazda3 won’t come to dealerships until the fall of 2023. The hatchback version, which starts one trim level higher, will arrive a few months earlier. As one of the more compelling compact cars on the market today, it’s encouraging that the Mazda3 is getting quality updates.

That said, this current Mazda3 platform has been around since 2019, so don’t be surprised to find a bigger facelift in the coming years.

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