You Can Cruise in the Cadillac of Golf Carts for a Cool $14,000

Golf, just like any other pro sport, is popular enough to make some folks fabulously wealthy. So it’s no surprise the richest athletes can afford to travel in style, and that’s true on the road and the green. Here’s a look at some fancy golf carts, including a $14,000 model resembling a Cadillac Escalade.

Luxurious and expensive golf carts

Though most golfers are content with driving a regular golf cart, some want something flashier. And options abound. One of the cooler and more expensive golf carts is The Brooklyn, and at a price tag of $17,000, it has a lot to offer beyond its stylish looks.

One of the more expensive brands is Garia, and it makes golf carts that easily exceed $30,000. In fact, Garia also produces a street-legal model that, at a price of about $73,000, is both a golf cart and car. That Garia might worth the cost because it comes with many luxurious amenities. For example, it has a built-in fridge, speakers on its roof, and 25 mph top speed, Golf reports.

The Cadillac Escalade golf car


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For folks who want their caddie to drive a Caddy, there’s even a roughly $14,000 golf cart based that looks like a Cadillac Escalade. To be clear, though it certainly resembles an Escalade on the outside, that’s about where the similarities end. This $14,000 cart is built on a Club Car chassis by Berline, Uncrate explains.

Regardless, this Cadillac golf cart lives up to the reputation of a Cadillac vehicle. It’s stylish and can hit a respectable top speed of 19 mph. Of course, unlike the Escalade, this Caddy is like most other golf carts: electric. So this $14,000 cart provides a luxurious experience without the awful fuel economy.

But just like the other expensive golf carts, this one is luxurious in its own right. On top of that, it also has plenty of pricey and opulent options. 

An overview of this $14,000 model

Off the bat, this Caddy golf cart comes with luxurious features such as marine-grade vinyl seats, chrome mirrors, and a fiberglass body laid by hand. According to Cool Carts of Texas, other deluxe standard features include 16-inch chrome wheels, a simulated Burlwood accented interior, and a computer-controlled charging system. 

And for $850, you can upgrade the interior to leather instead of vinyl upholstery. Other options include a $650 sound system upgrade and a $450 security system. There are also stylistic upgrades that’ll allow you to customize your Caddy golf cart to your liking.

However, as with any other customization option, these can get pricey. Cool Carts of Texas says that if you want to paint your cart with a custom color or add a logo, it can cost over $1,400. Custom 18-inch chrome wheels will cost $1,800, and if you want a Cadillac-branded floormat, that’ll cost another $220.