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The small SUV segment is one of the most challenging segments to succeed in for brands. Competition is stiff, and some nameplates have remained at the top of rankings for years. So, how does a brand disrupt rankings? They have to hit the market with a product that’s nothing short of groundbreaking. The Tesla Model Y small electric SUV is arguably the quintessential electric vehicle. There’s just one problem. The best Model Y deal isn’t being offered anymore.

The Tesla Model Y just got more expensive

A white 2023 Tesla Model Y small electric SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Tesla has a long history of pricing rollercoasters. This is due to fluctuating costs of materials, inflation, and the availability of configurations. Though it has been around for decades, Tesla is still the new kid on the block to legacy automakers like Toyota and Ford. It’s still going through growing pains, and consumers have subsequently gone through purchasing pains.

The Model Y rose to the top of its segment this year for more reasons than one, but part of its appeal was the availability of a more affordable base model. It had been quite some time since Tesla had a base model available. Factor in the federal electric vehicle tax credit, and consumers were really cooking with grease.

The base model’s lower price combined with the tax credit made the small electric SUV seem affordable to most average drivers for the first time ever. Naturally, it sold like hotcakes and continues to sell well. The 2023 Tesla Model Y Base starts at $47,740. After the incentive, its starting price is closer to $40,240.

According to Tesla’s website, only the Long Range and Performance trims are available. While they are also eligible for the tax credit, they’re significantly more expensive than the base model.

Tesla Model Y pricing: what’s the best deal?

Tesla Model Y ConfigurationStarting MSRPEstimated Price After Tax Incentive
Model Y Long Range$50,490$42,990
Model Y Performance$54,490$46,990
2023 Tesla Model Y pricing.

Unlike gas vehicles, incentives play a key role in the affordability of some electric vehicles. Tax credit eligibility can be the difference between getting a vehicle or not. It can also change whether or not you consider a certain trim level. So, we’ll be looking at Model Y prices after the incentive is factored in for the sake of the argument.

The Long Range is the more affordable of the two available configurations, and it has a superior driving range (318-330 estimated miles). It’s no secret that the Performance trim is the most fun to drive and own. It can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in around 3.5 seconds. While that type of speed is exciting to drivers, it doesn’t have any practical use in daily life.

So, the best deal for the money is currently the Long Range configuration following the redemption of the tax credit. The best deal, in general, for the average consumer is the base model, which no longer seems to be available.

Should you get a 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range?

A black 2023 Tesla Model Y small electric SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

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The 2023 Tesla Model Y Range is a great small electric SUV for families because it’s affordable after the tax incentive and has great driving range. Its acceleration pales in comparison to that of the Performance configuration, but it remains exciting to drive. If you’re looking for a new electric vehicle, the 2023 Model Y Long Range is a great place to start.