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The best-selling trucks in 2020 appeared to stick to some regions of the country. Edmunds made an interactive map showing where particular pickup trucks were the most popular. Is there reasoning behind each state’s choice of truck? Perhaps the weather and terrain impacted the west coast’s love for the Tacoma and the Ram 1500. Texas loved the Chevrolet Silverado, and so did Alaska.

The best-selling pickup truck on the west coast was the Toyota Tacoma

Best Selling Pickup Trucks of 2020: Toyota Tacoma, Ram 1500
Best Selling Pickup Trucks of 2020: Toyota Tacoma, Ram 1500 | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Edmunds studied the data of best-selling trucks in the U.S. to see where each vehicle was registered. In Washington, California, and Oregon, the Toyota Tacoma was the top-seller in 2020. Interestingly enough, it was also the top-selling pickup truck in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. On the east coast, the Toyota Tacoma didn’t make a dent.

Perhaps the Tacoma is just better suited for the environment on the west coast? In 2020 alone, Ford had the best-selling truck overall. The Ford F-150 dominated the rest of the states by being the best-seller in 22 states. Edmunds had 574,354 individual registrations all over the country. Over the five states where the Tacoma was the winner, the truck had over 312,714 individual registrations.

Top Selling Trucks

The Ram 1500 was the most popular pickup truck in New Mexico and Nevada. Then, it happened to pop up in Ohio, New York, and New Jersey as the most popular pick. The Ram 1500 fanatics were a bit more spread out but still make up for 422,457 registrations in 2020.

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was the second most popular option, making up for 513,779 registrations all over the country. Hawaii, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana made up a large part of that. The Silverado also gained popularity up north in states like Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana. So while there is some rhyme and reason to some of the locations in which these pickup trucks were popular, that isn’t always the case.

GMC only accounted for 232,560 individual registrations in 2020, which is a bit surprising. The GMC Sierra ranked fourth in sales in the large pickup truck segment. Consumer Reports rated it one of the worst trucks buyers could purchase. According to Car Sales Base, the Canyon ranked seventh (and last) on the list of midsize trucks.

According to the analysis by Car Sales Base, the Toyota Tacoma took the lead in midsize truck sales for 2020 by selling 238,806 units. The Ford F Series sold 787,422 units and came in first, while the Chevrolet Silverado sold 595,184. The Ram 1500 was third in sales for large pickup trucks by selling 563,676 units.

Interestingly enough, Edmunds ranked the Toyota Tacoma third on the list of midsize trucks. This was behind the Honda Ridgeline and the Jeep Gladiator. The Ford F-150 scored Edmunds’ top-rated badge, with the Ram 1500 coming in second for large trucks.

When it comes down to it, pickup trucks are becoming more versatile. With the inclusion of light-duty pickup trucks like the new Ford Maverick and the mid-size truck segment growing, pickup trucks are more popular than ever. Is there a pickup truck out there for everyone? In 2022, that seems to be the goal for automakers.


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