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When you make it big as a basketball superstar, you can afford to treat yourself. So when Ben Simmons signed a $170 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, it’s no surprise that he made some big splurges.

Simmons already owns several envy-worthy vehicles, but it’s his latest purchase that has really turned heads. We know you like to dream, so we have all the details on his new Rolls-Royce Cullinan. 

Ben Simmons has plenty of cash to spend on luxury cars

Australian-born, NBA player Ben Simmons is on top of his game right now. At only 23 years old, he recently became the highest-paid athlete in Australian history, when he was given a five-year, $170 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. Even more amazing, if he makes an All-NBA team next season, he could receive 20 percent more, bringing the total to $240 million. 

However, there is one major issue Simmons will need to work on. He’s been criticized recently for his inability to score from outside the paint. He has taken 88.3 percent of his shots from 10 feet or closer to the hoop.  It has some people questioning his NBA staying power, and if Simmons isn’t able to improve his jump shot, he could face major backlash.

Even Kobe Bryant has weighed in on the issue. “He’s got to get a jump shot,” Bryant told The Herald Sun. “It sounds stupid and all that, but I’m dead ass serious. Because if not, he will regret it when his career is over.”

Simmons appears to be listening to the advice, as he’s been spending a significant amount of time practicing his jump shot. But with all that hard work, a guy needs to reward himself. Simmons does that with luxury cars.

The new Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Simmons shared his new car purchase with the world via Instagram. He posted a photo of the jet-black, bespoke Rolls-Royce Cullinan last month with the caption, “Thanks for making my truck crazy.” He tagged Champion Motoring in the post, a shop that often does customization for other celebrities, including Tristan Thompson

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the first SUV by the luxury manufacturer. It comes with a 6.75-liter V12 engine, capable of delivering 420 kW of power and 850Nm of torque. But perhaps the most luxurious feature of all, it has a built-in minibar.

According to D’Marge, the minibar is in the rear center console and incorporates a drink cabinet, Rolls-Royce whiskey glasses, a decanter, champagne glasses, and a refrigerator.

The car retails for $685,000, but that’s before all the customization. And considering the fact that Simmons thanked Champion Motoring for making his Rolls-Royce “crazy,” we’re sure he had a lot done. In a second Instagram post, Simmons shared a couple of the details on that customization. He mentioned Forgiato custom wheels and Jumpman, baby-blue seats. 

Ben Simmons loves to treat himself with luxury cars

The new Rolls-Royce will be added to Simmons’ already impressive car collection, which includes another Rolls-Royce and two Ferrari 488 Spiders. The latest Ferrari 488 Spider, which Simmons bought only recently for his 23rd birthday, has a one-of-kind colorway inspired by Travis Scott’s “Cactus Jack” Air Jordan 4 sneakers.

He shared a photo of the vehicle on Instagram, where you can see it has a baby-blue paint job and red details on the interior and wheels. It’s an impressive vehicle for sure. 

His first Ferrari 488 Spider, which he bought in 2018, is jet black and worth an estimated $270,000. Both are the cars are powered by V8 engines and are capable of the lightning speed 0-60 mph in three seconds.

Simmons definitely knows how to spend all that money he’s making. Let’s just hope his jump shot improves so that he’ll be able to continue making cash once his contract is up.