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It’s common for off-roading-oriented trucks and SUVs to be large and in charge. However, the GMC Hummer EV might be too big. While interior space is nice, the weight of the GMC Hummer EV is a massive issue in off-roading situations. 

How much does the GMC Hummer EV weigh? 


Hummer EV stuck for 4 hours……..

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The GMC Hummer EV rings in at an astonishing 9,063 lbs. That doesn’t just tip the scales, it squashes them. With that type of weight, you can imagine that the Hummer EV is prone to sinking in sand and mud. 

For comparison’s sake, the Ford F-150 Lightning weighs up to 6,893 lbs, the Tesla Cybertruck weighs up to 6,483 lbs, and the Rivian R1T weighs up to 7,148 lbs. 

Off-roading equipment and battery packs often increase the weight of electric vehicles. This tracks because the Hummer EV’s battery is 2,818 lbs. The Honda Civic weighs 2,877 lbs, so it’s like the Hummer EV is carrying a sedan around. 

Recently, a Hummer EV had to be pulled out of the mud after sinking and getting stuck. It wasn’t even off-roading. It was simply parked in a muddy section of a yard in Texas. Texas has been getting tons of rain, causing things to be extra soft and muddy. 

The owner parked the Hummer EV in a patch of grass for it to be charged, and then it started sinking. He tried digging it out, using the Extract mode, and the Watts to Freedom mode, but nothing could free this behemoth. 

Also, the Hummer EV was equipped with the Extreme Off-Road package that includes 18-inch wheels wrapped in 35-inch mud terrain tires. 

To get free, the Hummer EV has to be pulled out of the muck by a tow truck. Then it took over two hours to get all the mud off. 

Did General Motors learn nothing from the original civilian Hummer? The curb weight of the 2006 Hummer H1 is 7,847 lbs. This vehicle wasn’t popular for off-roading because it was prone to sinking in the mud. 

Plus, because the Hummer EV is larger, it requires more electricity to work. After driving 47.6 miles, one Hummer EV used 24 kWh of electricity. This is the same amount that an average home uses in a day. 

Using more energy contributes to more pollution. The Hummer EV produces more carbon than the Chevy Malibu. A gas-powered car is a greener choice.