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Did you know about the smallest of the Audi SUVs, the Audi Q2? If you said no, that’s why it’s being discontinued. After only a single generation over the last few years, the German automaker will put it to rest. This luxury SUV is at the bottom of the priority list for Audi, which focuses on bigger cars. For the same reason, the Audi A1 will meet the same fate after the current generation. Why wasn’t the Audi Q2 mini SUV good enough for a second generation?

Audi will discontinue the Q2 mini SUV, making room for bigger SUVs with higher profit margins

An Audi Q2 mini SUV, discontinued after the first ever generation
Audi Q2 | Audi

While small cars and sedans will always have their place in the market, they’ve become less and less popular over the years. Crossovers and SUVs are all anyone wants to buy. With the car’s drivability and even fuel economy, plus the space for a family and tons of cargo, it’s a no-brainer. That’s why we’ll continue to see smaller options like the Audi Q2 go by the wayside. The mini SUV is a good option for those who don’t need much space. However, it’s hard to sell someone on it with its small interior and luxury price.

Most buyers who are OK with a lack of space will opt for something more affordable. There’s no sense breaking the bank and not getting much to show for it. The Audi Q2 is the entry-level model for the brand, and it’ll be discontinued following the current generation. A big reason is that it doesn’t make the automaker enough money. Not only does it sell fewer units, but profit margins are much slimmer with its cheapest model.

How long did the Q2 last?

The Audi Q2 mini SUV, it will die soon. The luxury brand has a lot in the works.
Audi Q2 | Audi

The first-ever generation of the Audi Q2 mini SUV started in 2016. It received a facelift for the 2021 model year a few years later, which wasn’t too drastic. Earlier this week, CEO Markus Duesmann announced in an interview with Handelsblatt that the smallest Audi crossover production would end after the first generation.

“We have decided not to build the A1 anymore, and there will be no successor model from the Q2 either. We have also realigned Audi as a premium brand. We will limit our model range at the bottom and expand it at the top.”

Audi will continue to build its lineup with larger SUVs that cost more. This concept is nothing new for luxury brands, as they don’t try to appeal to customers needing an affordable ride. Instead, Audi will pack its expensive SUVs with high-end amenities and make as much as possible. Especially considering issues with supply chains, profit margins are a massive concern of automakers since sales volume is low.

What luxury model replaces the Audi Q2 in the lineup?

According to Motor1, the A1 and Q2 will retire, and the A3 will become the entry-level model. A few years later, the automaker plans to release a final new vehicle with a combustion engine in 2026 before going completely electric b 2033. Depending on demand, the assembly line of gas-powered cars could continue for a few extra years in China.

In the meantime, the Audi lineup gains the Q6 e-tron after being unveiled sometime during 2022. In China, an Audi Q6 will sit on the Volkswagen Atlas platform, arriving during 2022. Additionally, a refreshed e-tron, renamed the Q8 e-tron, is coming this year. In conclusion, there are a lot of changes coming to the Audi lineup this year and in the few following.

There are plenty of reasons why the Audi Q2 was discontinued and didn’t make the cut. The entry-level crossover was titled a “mini SUV” and didn’t sell well enough for the automaker to continue producing it. Over its few years of life, the sales volume did not outweigh its lack of profit margin. That’s why Audi needed to end production after the first generation, making way for a more expensive lineup.