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Regarding new cars, old cars, SUVs, minivans, sports cars, and more, what do car enthusiasts agree on? Some might picture these car people as old-school, stodgy misers who only want to drive models made before automatic transmissions and power steering, but that’s not always the case. That said, is there anything that most people who admire cars and enjoy the auto industry agree on?

Does everyone love the sound of a V8 engine?

The raw power and noise coming out of a V8 engine is something incredible. Many car people love to hear the rumble, and some will even alter their cars to make them sound louder and more aggressive. Although some love this sound and the feeling it brings, there are still those who can’t stand how loud some vehicles can be, especially when driving on a neighborhood street late at night.

Are we thrilled with the standard color palette on roadways?

One of the topics posted on this Reddit thread discusses the standard trio of colors. Does everyone want to drive a car that’s either black, white, or gray? These colors are pretty safe and offer good resale value because it’s what you expect to see while driving. Still, a nice red, blue, or green vehicle catches your gaze, allowing you to see something other than the traditional seat of bland, washed-out colors on the roadways.

Are there too many SUVs and not enough cars?

SUVs have taken over the market, pushing sedans out the door. Many domestic automakers no longer offer sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons in the mainstream market, making it more challenging to find the desired selection when searching for a car instead of an SUV.

In addition to the proliferation of SUVs, these high-riding vehicles have replaced most minivans but seem to have too many characteristics that resemble the family and cargo carriers. The previous generation Honda Pilot is an excellent example of this. There wasn’t much difference between the Pilot and Odyssey, but at least the Odyssey owned its minivan status.

What’s better, EVs or traditional cars?

Another way that car people can’t seem to agree is whether or not EVs are right for the auto industry. Some are stuck thinking that gas and diesel-powered vehicles will continue to be useful, while others see the environmental benefits of EVs. On the flip side, the mining of rare-earth metals makes it hard for some to swallow the idea of driving an electric vehicle.

Do car people think headlights are too bright?

Have you ever been on the road at night with oncoming headlights blinding you, making it impossible to see? Shouldn’t headlight brightness be regulated? Some car people want these bright lights to see while driving, but others realize that blinding other drivers on the road isn’t smart. If you can see and everyone cannot, that’s just as dangerous as having dim lights.

What can all car people agree on?

All car lovers understand the wheels on cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans are round. That might be the only item that all car people can ultimately agree on. Once the conversation moves away from this shape, you’ll find varying opinions.

Is it wrong that car people can’t agree on many car topics?

The automotive industry is more than 100 years old, with various shapes, types, and uses for vehicles. This makes it one of the most discussed industries in the world and something that car people love to talk about. With many topics, features, and differences, the conversation never gets stale when talking about motor vehicles, which is a good thing.