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The full-size sedan class is dead, isn’t it? Maybe this category will experience a similar resurgence to the minivan market. If so, the new 2023 Toyota Crown will certainly be a car that spearheads growth and attention or the full-size sedan class. Let’s see what makes this new sedan a great car to drive.

What is the new 2023 Toyota Crown?

Before we get into why you’ll want to drive this car, let’s talk about what it is. Toyota creates the 2023 Crown to replace the outgoing Avalon but adds a few twists to the mix. This new full-size sedan rides higher than a typical sedan. Every model has a hybrid powertrain and standard AWD for added driving control.

1. The Crown comes with heated front seats

A warm tooshie in the morning can make all the difference when you live in northern climates. This new full-size sedan comes with heated seats across the entire lineup. The front seats also offer power adjustments, giving you an easy way to find the sweet spot. The Limited and Platinum trims add ventilation and leather to the seating surfaces.

2. Toyota didn’t skimp on the infotainment screen

Front angle view of white 2023 Toyota Crown midisze sedan
2023 Toyota Crown | Toyota

Even though some vehicles now offer infotainment screens that are massive in size, the 12.3-inch touchscreen is more than large enough in the 2023 Toyota Crown. This impressive user-friendly infotainment screen is standard across this new full-size sedan lineup.

3. Choose the Limited model for self-parking

The self-parking feature of the Crown is called Advanced Park. This feature offers self-parking for both parallel and perpendicular spaces. You can show off this feature to your friends, who might only expect luxury cars to be able to park themselves.

4. A panoramic roof is available for this new sedan

Red and Black 2023 Toyota Crown
Red and Black 2023 Toyota Crown | Toyota

The new 2023 Toyota Crown offers a panoramic roof at the Limited trim level. This feature gives you an airy and open feeling with views up and out of the roof, where you can see everything while driving.

5. The 2023 Toyota Crown offers a fantastic audio system

JBL is one of the top names in the audio industry and created an impressive 11-speaker audio system for the Crown Limited. This sound system brings wonderful audio qualities for the desired experienced when out on the road. Imagine taking a road trip in this full-size sedan and hearing your favorite music along the way.

6. A digital instrument cluster that’s big and bold

Dashboard View 2023 Toyota Crown
Dashboard View 2023 Toyota Crown | Toyota

The digital instrument display in the Toyota Crown is 12.3-inches. This screen is the same size as the infotainment screen and can show the desired information and readings. This configurable screen offers navigation directions, a hybrid mode, and all the gauge readings you normally see. The digital instrument display is standard on all models of this full-size sedan.

What are the power and efficiency numbers of the 2023 Toyota Crown?

There are two power levels for this new full-size sedan. The base XLE and Limited trims use a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine plus two electric motors to offer 236 horsepower. The fuel mileage for these trims is 42 city/41 hwy mpg.

The Platinum trim has a 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors for a combined output of 340 horsepower. The fuel mileage for this trim comes in at 29 city/32 hwy mpg.

Is this new full-size sedan a good car to drive?

If the new 2023 Toyota Crown follows any of the success this brand has experienced over many years in the market, it will be an excellent sedan to drive. The higher stance, hybrid powertrain, and standard AWD get things started, but the six features we’ve covered really make this car a good choice to drive.

Check out the video below to learn more about this new Toyota full-size sedan.


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