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When you are looking for a sporty sedan, but something from the dealership isn’t sporty enough, Honda has you covered. For just $55,000, you can choose an HPD Honda Civic Si, a factory-built race car. This sporty sedan offers you many upgrades to ensure you are always track-ready.

What big changes make this HPD Honda Civic Si so unique?

If you have been looking for a new sedan with a refined and sporty drive, consider a HPD Honda Civic Si. When you order one of these models, you aren’t getting any regular Honda Civic Si with a few factory-installed upgrades but rather something that is hand-built for optimal on-track performance.

This sedan uses the same 1.5 turbocharged four-cylinder engine. But, it has several changes to make it more capable on the track. Some upgrades include selectable engine power levels, specific engine mounts from HPD and Hasport, an HPD/Borla exhaust downpipe, and an HPD/Borla exhaust system with dual outlets. This is just the start of upgrades that make the Honda Civic Si an undercover track monster. 

The new HPD Honda Civic Si stands out from the crowd when looking at the suspension set-up. Underneath this sedan sits a bevy of upgrades such as:

  • HPD/Bilstein inverted double adjustable coil-over front MacPherson struts
  • HPD/Bilstein double adjustable rear dampers
  • Two spring rate options for the front and rear
  • HPD adjustable front camber and caster plates
  • HPD adjustable rear camber and tow arms
  • Adjustable rear spring perches from HPD

Finishing off the upgrades is a unique set of Enkei RPF1 alloy wheels.

Additional upgrades to make this safer on the track

the sporty and refined hpd honda civic si, track ready sedan right from the factory
The HPD Honda Civic Si | Honda

While the upgrades available can allow this sedan to offer you more performance and confidence on the road, the HPD Honda Civic Si also comes with plenty of safety upgrades. This remarkable sedan will certainly help you feel more confident with substantial upgrades to the braking system and chassis.

When you dig into the chassis improvements, this sedan adds a full roll cage with TIG-welded steel tubing that meets FIA regulations, a ballast weight tray (ballast not included), and finally, HPD tow straps. To bring you to a stop, the HPD Honda Civic Si adds upgrades such as:

  • HPD/Wilwood 6-piston race calipers
  • HPD/Wilwood floating slotted rotors (328 x 28mm)
  • Pagid RST3 brake pads
  • HPD bumper-mounted brake cooling ducts
  • HPD stainless steel braided hoses
  • DOT4 synthetic brake fluid

Thanks to these upgrades, the new HPD Honda Civic Si can make your every track day memorable. These are just a few of the upgrades available, and they can be ready to offer you outstanding performance.

The upgrades don’t stop on the exterior

a track ready interior in the hpd honda civic si, stripped down to help you focus on your lap time
A Track-Ready Interior | Honda

Aside from the vast selection of upgrades found underneath the hood, under the car, and on the exterior, the new HPD Honda Civic Si can also offer you a track-focused interior. Thanks to the extra care taken at the factory, the interior is ready to keep your focus on the track ahead.

When you order one of these models, the team at Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, OH, the car is essentially stripped entirely down. Using a white model, the sunroof is removed, as well as any soundproofing, insulation, seam sealer, and underbody coating. From there, the interior receives an overhaul from making it completely track-ready. OMP provides unique features like a halo seat, a steering wheel with quick disconnect, a 6-point harness, and an electronic fire extinguisher. There are also cockpit adjustable side and rearview mirrors and a 12V auxiliary power for a radio and cooling system.

In addition to the added safety equipment, you can enjoy a Motec C127 dash logger with 120 Mb internal logging, STO TCA scrutineering logging configuration, configurable display pages, preset alarms, and LED shift lights. 

Finally, the last big upgrade to the HPD Honda Civic Si is the transmission. With a close-ratio 6-speed H-pattern transmission, HPD high strength 4th gear, HPD Cusco clutch-type limited-slip differential, and the stock flywheel and clutch.

The HPD Honda Civic Si is worth the extra money

the rear end of a hpd honda civic si, a track ready sedan packed with some extra oomph
Rear-End of the HDP Honda Civic Si | Honda

The new HPD Honda Civic Si is one of the most impressive sporty sedans ever imagined. For enthusiasts, this is the premier sedan to choose to make it easier to enjoy every track day. If you are interested in selecting this sedan for yourself, dealerships are now taking deposits of $25,000, with delivery expected in November of 2022. 


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