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Going on a road trip is something many people do in their lifetime. While it can be fun to go by yourself, more often than not, people will go on road trips with others to stop and look at the beauty of the world. However, the long journey to your destination can be pretty dull. That’s why there are road trip games. Here’s a look at five road trip games adults can play when they don’t want to play “I Spy” anymore. 

1. The classic ‘Would you rather’ game

Like Busbud wrote, the “Would you rather” game is a simple but time-tested game adults can play. Of course, many folks may remember playing this game when they were kids, but it can still be a fun and easy way to pass the time when on a road trip. No equipment is necessary, and the only requirement is that the game needs at least two people and some creative thinking.

The game works by asking the other people in the car a “Would you rather” question. The idea is to have both options be challenging. Everyone in the car has to make a choice, and someone who doesn’t choose will lose the game. Then another person asks another “Would you rather” question, and it continues like that until the game is declared over.

2. When someone falls asleep, play the ‘While you were sleeping’ game

A person sleeping in a car that could initiate a road trip game.
A person sleeping in a car | Getty Images

Another creative game, according to BuzzFeed, is the “While you were sleeping” game. As its name suggests, this game really only works when someone falls asleep in the car.

The awake passengers then have to craft a story, and their goal is to fool the sleeping passenger into believing that story happened while they were asleep. It’s possible to play this game just like that, but folks can play a version that assigns points instead on longer trips. For example, in that game version, if you successfully fool the person who fell asleep, then everyone who didn’t sleep gets three points.

3. Have a ‘Battle of the Bands’ in the car

All that’s required for this game is a way to play music and more than two people. One person, usually the driver, picks a music category, but it has to be a specific category, such as songs about cars. Then two contestants pick a song in that category and play it for the car. The rest of the car judges the two songs, and the winner gets points. There are usually multiple rounds, so the contestant with the most points at the end wins.

4. The license plate game

License plates can be a fun thing to look at, and this is especially true on road trips. In terms of the license plate game, there are a variety of road trip games that adults can play.

One of the simpler ones just requires some imagination and other cars on the road. Participants will look for a license plate and then try to create funny phrases based on the letters on those license plates. A more challenging version of this game will include the numbers in license plates as well. There usually isn’t a points system in this game, so the idea is to make the other passengers laugh and have a good time.

5. The “Fortunately/Unfortunately” game 

This fun and creative road trip game revolves around the simple premise of having one person talk about a fortunate situation and then having other passengers build off of that situation by saying something unfortunate about it. The next person then says something fortunate about the situation, and this cycle repeats until someone stumbles. 


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