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From the most basic Jetta to the most complex Audi R8 V10, you’ll need these 5 essential tools to work on your Volkswagen or Audi model. With tools for everything from oil changes to complete engine overhauls, it’s all-but impossible to work on your own VW without these five items in your garage.

Triple-Square socket set

Perhaps the most essential bit of automotive kit, triple-square sockets are vital tools for working on any Volkswagen. These unique bolts feature everywhere under the hood, including oil lines, exhaust bolts, and more. And while some torx bits can work, a dedicated triple-square kit will greatly reduce the risk of stripping bolts as you work on your car.

Crankshaft seal installing tool

Volkswagen's Turbocharged engine, which needs special tools to work on
VW EA888 Engine | Volkswagen

Volkswagen engines are notorious for their failing crankshaft seals, so this tool is a must for any DIY Volkswagen owner. The crankshaft seal is critical to keeping the oil inside your engine. When it needs replacing, you’ll want to have the tools to do it properly.

The crankshaft seal installation tool is vital for working on your Audi or VW engine, as it helps ensure that the new seal is properly seated in the engine block. Doing this by hand leaves too much room for error. It is easy to improperly seat the gasket or damage it by using the wrong tool. As such, this specific bit of kit is one of the most important for the health of your vehicle.

Hose Clamp Pliers

Not content with worm clamps or simple brackets, Volkswagen and Audi cars are riddled with spring clamps. Intake and intercooler lines are impossible to remove without the proper tool. A pair of hose clamp pliers can easily grab the tabs and allows for easy removal of these clamps when you need to replace or inspect the tubing under the hood.

This tool is mandatory for Volkswagen and Audi owners who want to work on their own cars without damaging the induction system or any surrounding components.

32mm Socket

Big sockets aren’t often found in your traditional socket set. But for Volkswagen and Audi oil changes, this tool is a must-have. Most of these cars feature an oil filter housing that requires a 32mm socket. And without this tool, it’s next-to-impossible to perform an oil change without damaging the housing itself.

It’s a simple tool, but you’ll be kicking yourself the first time you try to change the oil and drain the oil pan before realizing that you can’t remove the filter.

VAGcom Diagnostic Software

Whether you call it VAGcom or VCDS, you need this essential software tool for working on any Volkswagen or Audi model. VW Group cars have more sensors and codes than most, and this Ross-Tech dedicated software can help you understand all of them.

In addition, this tool allows you to customize controls, view diagnostic data such as oil temperature and pressure on the dash, and even alter your keyfob and lighting controls. In essence, it’s a do-it-all tool to diagnose, repair, and customize your Volkswagen or Audi vehicle.