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Lamborghini doesn’t just sell remarkable high-performance supercars. They sell a lifestyle. The Italian automotive powerhouse also sells all sorts of products and accessories that range from household goods to electronics. Here are five of the most interesting and bizarre products currently available from Lamborghini directly.

The Lamborghini candle

Lamborghini Candle from Culti Milano, italian candle and scent manufacturer sitting on table
Lamborghini Culti Milano Candle | Lamborghini

Italian-based company Culti Milano developed this candle for Lamborghini. Known for their high-quality candles and scent diffusers, Culti Milano certainly fits the bill for the Lamborghini lifestyle, given their Italian home base and luxurious product lineup.

In a press release, Lamborghini vividly outlines the scent:

“The scent is the original one: energetic and bold, with a citrus opening of grapefruit and bitter orange that turns into fresh and lively notes when it reaches the heart of vetiver and bergamot, finishing in an enveloping breath of cedar and sandalwood.”

At $54, this is one of the more affordable items to make this list!

The $25,000 Lamborghini boombox

Obviously, the price has to be acknowledged upfront on this one. This Lambo-inspired boombox comes in at a whopping $25,870. It’s available in four different colors, and every one of them is currently on backorder. Yes, that means people are actually buying these!

Reminiscent of the rear-end of iconic models, this boombox features carbon fiber construction just like the supercars it mimics. Furthermore, it uses a Lamborghini-style exhaust with a bass reflex for pressure control. It’s got shock absorbers to dampen vibrations, and each one is entirely hand-built. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it has a Lamborghini ignition push button to power it on and off.

It’s pretty cool, but that price tag is a bit painful to look at!

Headphones and earbuds

Lamborghini on-ear headphones and earbuds manufactured by Master and Dynamic in New York
Lamborghini Headphones and Earphones | Lamborghini

These audiophile options are a bit more practical than the massive boombox. If nothing else, they are a whole lot more affordable. However, they definitely don’t sit on the low end of the pricing spectrum.

The on-ear MW65 headphones and in-ear MW07 earbuds bearing the iconic Italian badging come from Master and Dynamic, a New York-based producer of high-end audio equipment. They’re wireless, and both feature active noise canceling, as you’d find on many other headphone offerings. However, the touch of Italy’s favorite raging bulls comes at a cost.

The MW65 on-ear headphones come in at $609, while the MW07 earbuds carry a price tag of $396. Unfortunately, the MW07s are currently out of stock, so shoppers needing their Lamborghini-associated audio equipment fix will have to spring for the pricier MW65s.

Huracan Super Trofeo Evo and Sian Lego models

Lamborghini Sian Lego Technic green model on table displayed with its box
Lamborghini Sian Lego Kit | Lamborghini

Who doesn’t love Lego models?

A fan-favorite accessory from Lamborghini undoubtedly comes from their collaboration with Lego to produce the only way most of the world could ever afford to buy one of their iconic vehicles. Don’t let that sentiment fool you, though; they still aren’t very cheap.

On the more affordable side, the website offers a Lego kit to build your very own Huracan Super Trofeo EVO for a modest $70 price tag. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock.

However, the opposite end of the spectrum is the Lego Technic Sian model that features nearly 3,700 individual pieces. Being a more complex and technical Lego kit, the price tag sees quite an increase from the more affordable option. To land yourself one of these Sian kits will run a cool $405.

Still, that’s just a fraction of the monthly lease payment for even the lowest-spec Huracan. It’s worth considering!

Stainless steel water bottle

Lamborghini stainless steel water bottle by 24Bottles
Lamborghini Water Bottle | Lamborghini

Last but not least, the most affordable product on this list. Arguably, the most useful, too.

The Lamborghini edition Clima water bottle from 24Bottles is a 100 percent stainless steel insulated water bottle. According to 24Bottles, the Clima bottle will keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Furthermore, they are infinitely reusable and made from sustainable materials. Nice!

At just $42, this may be the perfect combination of affordable and useful while still demonstrating your love for the legendary Italian supercar manufacturer.

The list goes on and on

With these items, the surface has only been scratched in the world of Lamborghini accessories. Some time spent on their web store is undoubtedly a good time. You’ll find everything from the above-listed items to their high-fashion clothing and luggage lineups. Who could forget the set of Lamborghini Christmas ornaments, too?

There’s not enough time in the world to display all of the best and most quirky items available from automotive manufacturers, but these five are a great start! One thing is for sure, though. Whether you currently own a Lamborghini or aspire to own one someday in the future, there’s likely an item in the company’s web store that you’d be interested in!


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