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Some of the best plug-in hybrids, like the Audi Q5 and the Corsair, come with tons of luxury. But which one should you choose? We think the Q5 because there are four straightforward ways that the Audi outshines the Lincoln. Let’s look at the four ways the Q5 is the better choice per a comparison done by 

What both models got right

A black Audi Q5, where the advantages of the Audi Q5 can shine.
Audi Q5: Manfred Schmid via Getty Images

There was only one category, the two models tied in, and that’s the interior luxury trimmings. The Corsair and the Q5 have plenty of high-quality materials to offer premium comfort and a luxurious feel. The Lincoln SUV adds a more posh atmosphere than the Audi, but the Q5 still has physical button controls. Overall, both models run neck and neck in this area.  

According to, the model reviewed was the Premium Plus trim on the Audi Q5 and Lincoln’s Corsair Grand Touring version. Here’s where the Q5 excelled. 

1. Hybrid powertrain operation

Audi’s Q5 offers a much better hybrid powertrain than the Lincoln does. The reviewer had a frustrating time with Corsair’s EV-only mode. It was nearly impossible to keep it there as the car would trigger the gasoline engine in numerous situations, sometimes asking for authorization from the driver to do so, but would override the reviewer’s unresponsiveness in the end. The Q5 had no problem sticking with just driving on electric. 

That’s too bad because technically, the Corsair has excellent fuel economy, getting 78 mpg equivalent with 28 miles of range. Audi’s Q5 gets 50 mpg equivalent with 19 miles of driving range. On testing, Audi’s luxury SUV got closer to 25 miles of range. Essentially, Lincoln’s Corsair lost this category due to its inability to stay in EV-only mode, so it was tough to really test it. 

2. Driving Capability

The two models are vastly different when it comes to driving dynamics. The Lincoln Corsair offers a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with two electric motors and a continuously variable transmission. This combination produces about 266 hp, delivered to both axles due to the all-wheel drivetrain (standard). 

That’s impressive until you compare it to what Audi offers. The brand’s Q5 gives you a powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor setup and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The combination gets you 362 hp, which makes it considerably faster than the Corsair. It also offers sportier driving dynamics and firmer ride quality. 

3. Best bang for the dollar

Both models have a similar beginning price point. The Corsair comes in at $51,485 (with destination fees) for the model tested by It gets you a small set of standard features. If you want some decent luxury options like a heated steering wheel with 24-way adjustable front seats, you can add the brand’s equipment group package, but it will cost you dearly. The price shoots up to $62,480. 

Audi’s Q5 model begins at $52,995 and offers leather upholstery, heated seats, and ambient lighting. You can add the Bang & Olufsen audio, onboard navigational system, and 20-inch wheels, which brings the price up to $60,740. At this price, you still have more luxury features than Corsair. 

4. Informational tech

This is another area where the Audi outshines the Corsair. With the Lincoln model, you get the bare minimum regarding informational tech. You’ll get some indications of what’s happening with the powertrain, but not a lot. At least nowhere near what the Q5 has to offer. 

With Audi’s SUV, you can track what’s happening with the battery, how your driving style, or how specific systems like climate control are affecting your mileage efficiency. Basically, this brand utilizes every informational tech real estate possible, whereas Corsair puts its production efforts into interior material luxuriousness. 

While the Corsair and the Q5 have excellent features to offer on a luxury SUV, the Audi has the upper advantage in four ways. Those categories include the best value, more informational tech, exceptional hybrid powertrain operation, and driving dynamics. 


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