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According to the research performed by, SUVs and pickup trucks are still retaining their top-selling status, with many sales numbers across the board indicating that a big solution to sky-high vehicle prices involves buying a slightly smaller vehicle.

With these current trends, Nissan has recently had a ton of success due to recent investments in their smaller vehicles. Here is everything you need to know about the three new Nissan models that offered the best value for 2023 according to

A 2023 Nissan Versa shows off its post-2022 design refresh while maintaining its status as a cheap car.
Nissan Versa | Nissan

2023 Nissan Versa SV

For 2023, the Nissan Versa has been a welcome relief from high vehicle prices for many consumers by offering a comfortable, well-equipped sedan at a city-car price. tells us the 2023 Versa comes in three different models, the S, which acts as the base model, the mid-trim SV model, and the top-of-the-line SR model.

If you are looking for value, the SV model is the way to go, with lane departure warnings, blind spot warning, heated exterior mirrors, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a driver’s seat armrest, an upgraded cloth interior, and fold-down rear seats.

With a starting price of around $20,045 including the destination fee and up to 35 combined mpg, the Nissan Versa SV offers a ton of value for the price.

2022 Nissan Sentra S

The second model from Nissan to make’s list is the Sentra S. The Sentra S is the base model of the car, but even in base form, this vehicle offers a ton of value for the money.

With the base model Sentra S, buyers have access to features including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto,  forward collision warning, rear cross-traffic warning, rear automatic emergency braking, and blind spot warning.

With all of these great features included on the base model Sentra which carries a price tag of $21,045 and fuel economy ratings of 33 mpg combined, the Nissan Sentra S is tough to beat for a sedan of its size.

2023 Nissan Kicks S

The Nissan Kicks has been targeting the younger demographic of drivers ever since it was introduced in 2018. This compact SUV offers an extremely unique package by giving drivers plenty of leg room, a tall ride height, and a good amount of features for a great price.

Some of these standard features on the base Kicks S model include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and blind spot warning.

While the Kicks is not necessarily a nimble vehicle with body roll evident even in small maneuvers, it offers great fuel economy for its class at 33 mpg combined and up to 36 mpg on the highway. Due to some key features like all-wheel drive remaining absent from the Kicks, the price starts low for the S model at $21,585.


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