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The Honda HR-V is one of the best-selling subcompact crossover SUVs on the planet. Drivers love its lively handling, generous cargo space, good fuel economy, and wide range of useful features. Like most Honda vehicles, the HR-V is reliable. However, it’s not immune from complications and necessary repairs. Here are the three most common Honda HR-V problems reported by many real owners.

What are the most common Honda HR-V problems?

The 2024 Honda HR-V in silver in the slightly snowy woods. The cheapest Honda SUV has some good features
2024 Honda HR-V | Honda

One of the best ways to find out if a vehicle is reliable or has frequent issues is to hear it straight from the owners. And this is what The Drive did for the Honda HR-V. This type of analysis is advantageous, for it’s reflective of real-world situations.

Here are the three most common problems for the Honda HR-V:

  1. Low-quality paint
  2. Complications with the accelerator
  3. Loose or dislodged window gaskets

It’s important to note that most HR-V models are not affected by these issues. Also, they don’t necessarily affect all model years. However, they are the most frequently reported, so let’s take a closer look and cover them in more detail.

The most common Honda HR-V problem is low-quality paint

The most common problem that real owners of the Honda HR-V reported is low-quality paint, according to the Drive. In some instances, owners complained about the paint on the crossover SUV bubbling. Others reported that, after a few years of driving, large sections of paint would flake off the roof. Another type is rust corroding the paint and bodywork.

Remedying the issue involves repainting the HR-V. As far as the cost, it can be thousands of dollars. However, it varies depending on the extent of the paint problem.

Complications with the accelerator

The second-most frequent issue for the Honda HR-V is complications with the accelerator. There are two variations of this problem. The first one is when drivers lightly press on the throttle from a complete stop. The crossover SUV then suddenly leaps forward — as if someone slammed on the gas pedal. For the second accelerator issue, the HR-V, when driving at highway speeds, starts to slow down. Also, it continues to lose speed, even when applying more throttle. 

To address either of these accelerator complications, a mechanic must first conduct a diagnostic check to get to the root of the problem. After that, resolving the issue could be as simple as an electric control (ECU) update, which Honda might provide for free. However, at the opposite end of the repair spectrum, a part of the engine bay might need to be replaced. This can cost owners around a few hundred dollars.

Loose or dislodged window gaskets

Steering wheel in 2023 Honda HR-V, highlighting most common problems reported by owners
2023 Honda HR-V | Honda

The other common problem that Honda HR-V owners reported is loose or dislodged window gaskets. A window gasket is the rubber section at the window frame that forms a tight seal when the windows are rolled up to the top. It keeps rain, wind, and other weather elements out of the vehicle. 

However, HR-V drivers complained about the window gaskets becoming loose or getting dislodged. Rectifying this issue typically requires replacing the window gaskets, which consist of four parts. All four cost around $100, along with the cost of labor if completed by a service center.

Is the Honda HR-V reliable — and is it expensive to repair?

According to RepairPal, the Honda HR-V is very reliable. The automotive site gives it an “excellent” reliability rating of five out of five. In a field of seven subcompact SUVs that RepairPal evaluated, the HR-V ranks first for reliability.

The repair costs are relatively low, too — an average of $301 annually. This is less than the $466 repair cost average for subcompact crossover SUVs and $652 for all vehicle types. Along with repairs being less frequent compared to other vehicles, the severity is lower as well.


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