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The automotive market is beginning to return to somewhat of a pre-pandemic “normal,” and alongside better supply chain markets and added inventory, three Ford models are trending upward for annual sales. These models — the Explorer and Bronco SUVs and Transit commercial van — are surpassing their year-over-year sales and could be a positive harbinger for the Blue Oval.

The Explorer tops Ford’s SUV lineup for sales

The midsize, three-row Explorer continues to lead Ford sales outside of the F-Series trucks, and it stands firmly entrenched among the best-selling SUVs of the year, according to stats from GoodCarBadCar. Just under 91,000 units were sold through the first five months of the year, making the Ford the second best-selling model in its segment. The Explorer’s annual sales are up nine percent for the year.  

The Bronco continues to surge

The Ford Bronco may not have the cult-like status of the Jeep Wrangler, but it’s certainly finding its way onto the driveways — and trails — of a larger contingent of buyers. A little over 50,000 Broncos were sold through May, a nine-percent increase year-over-year. Those figures exclude its smaller sibling, the Bronco Sport, which edges the Bronco in overall sales.

Ford Transit sales are significantly higher

Ford’s SUVs may be leading the charge for regular consumers, but the Transit is outpacing its fellow stablemates for overall sales on the commercial front. Ford moved over 52,000 units through May, putting it ahead of the Bronco, Escape, Edge, Maverick, Expedition, Mustang, Ranger, and Mach-E. Those figures also represent a 54 percent increase in annual sales through May.

The Explorer, Bronco, and Transit’s sales against rivals

A red 2023 Ford Explorer – one of the leaders in Ford sales – driving on a bridge.
2023 Ford Explorer | Ford

Despite strong sales to kick off 2023, the Ford Explorer still trails the Toyota Highlander among midsize three-row SUVs. The Toyota Highlander took the edge by about 4,000 units through May. However, Explorer sales are still double that of the next segment player, the Kia Telluride, which sold about 45,000 units over the same period.

The Ford Bronco gained significant ground on its fellow all-terrain-tackler, the Jeep Wrangler, for annual sales in 2022, and the Ford continues to be a thorn in the Wrangler’s side. Jeep has so far only released its Q1 sales of 37,891 units moved, so the Wrangler is still likely well outpacing the Ford. However, Wrangler sales were down about 7,500 units for Q1 compared to 2022.

The Transit continues to be the leader of its segment. For reference, the Mercedes Sprinter moved an average of 3,300 units per month through Q1, while the Ford Transit averages about three times that. The Ram ProMaster is closer to the Ford, with over 17,000 units sold during Q1, but still well behind the Blue Oval’s commercial van.

Ford’s overall annual sales are up


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Ford’s annual sales reached 828,000 units through May, an increase of 9.19 percent over this time last year. The Ford Mustang is also helping to drive sales with an annual increase of 29 percent through May.

Though several models are off to a positive start for 2023, the Escape, Mustang Mach-E, and Edge are down double-digit percentage points in annual sales.