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The Honda Accord is beloved by many. Not only is it one of the safest sedans on the market, but it is also fun to drive. The Accord Hybrid solidified itself as a tremendous hybrid sedan because of its price point and excellent fuel economy. However, there are still a few lingering issues that owners have reported. Here are the three most common problems you should know about the 2018 Honda Accord hybrid.

Honda Accord hybrid cracked windshield

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid white
2018 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

Due to construction, installation, or pure coincidence, the 2018 Honda Accord hybrid suffers from easily cracked windshields. According to CarComplaints, this is the most common problem on the 2018 Accord Hybrid. Many owners report that the windshield cracked under 10k miles of driving. Some even noted that it happened again within 40,000 miles of a replacement. Although it is not mechanically damaging, the repair cost is around $1200 unless covered by insurance.

One owner explains that the windshield will chip, and the auto braking feature resonates through the windshield. Once the auto braking feature resonates through the glass, a large crack appears from any weak point. The issue won’t stop you from driving, but a crack in the glass is an obstruction of vision which can get you a hefty ticket.

Honda Accord collision mitigation warning

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Gray
2018 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

Multiple reports of the 2018 Honda Accord hybrid activating the collision mitigation braking system unexpectedly exist. The issue causes the car to apply the brakes automatically, hoping to avoid an accident. However, the owners that report the problem are on the open road with no cars around. Another part of this issue is receiving warning lights for a potential accident. The flashing indicators that warn you of a potential collision will go off without anyone around. One owner reports the warning lights flashing 6 times in the first 250 miles of ownership.

While there is no direct fix for this issue, some have been able to remedy it. Recalibrating the sensors on the car seemingly fixed the problem for some owners. The calibration can be done a few ways so that the cost will vary from $300-$1000.

2018 Accord hybrid braking issues

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid White
2018 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

In combination with the mitigation warning problems, there are a few reports of the brakes not working after the automatic braking is engaged. There is one report of an owner’s car completely stopping in traffic to avoid an accident that was not there. After the automatic braking was engaged, the vehicle would not respond to the accelerator for over a minute. The danger of the 2018 Accord hybrid sitting in a line of traffic is terrible, with CarComplaints reporting this problem as a 10.0 severity.

Another report showed all of the warning lights popped up on the dashboard for the safety features failing. As it turns out, the camera used for most features had broken at just 2000 miles of driving. Thankfully for the owner, it was replaced by the dealership. However, if not covered, the repair would have cost over $1200.

Are 2018 Honda Accord hybrids reliable?

Mechanically, the Honda Accord hybrid is nearly flawless. Many of the Accords are known to reach 200,000 miles. For the 2018 Accord hybrid, the cars are known to reach upwards of 150,000 with regular maintenance. Potential buyers of the Accord hybrid should be wary of the above issues but shouldn’t turn away from the vehicles as a point.


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